Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Walk in the Park

The lady who is currently assigned to be my visiting teacher has been a friend since I first moved into my current ward - infact, she was one of the first ladies to rush up the first Sunday and say, "Are you moving in, or just visiting?" For a while we spent a fair amount of time together. However, as time has passed, she has started going to school part time for pharmacy, flies 40 hours a month with Delta, AND has four active daughters ages 12-6. So she's a busy lady and we've had a hard time keeping close. Since she's become my visiting teacher, we've had a chance to renew our friendship.
It's Spring break for her girls this week, so she invited the kids and I over to play this morning. I spent a couple hours showing her how to download her pictures from her camera to her computer, taught her how to list things on Criagslist.com, we had a delicious lunch of club sandwiches and then headed over to the park for a few hours. My kids absolutely adored having older kids to play with. With all the equipment there was to play with, they both enjoyed playing in the sand the most.
B-Man crawling UNDER the play structureMs. R, trying to figure out where B-Man went


Anonymous said...

I'm just doing this so I can see if it works. Looks like mighty fine weather for you right now. I'm glad you're renewing your friendship, you need someone with kids to hang out with. love mom

Krista said...

YAY! Mom figured out how to leave a comment. *single tear* So Proud! ;) Love ya, mom!

Heather said...

oh wow! I can't believe how "big" her girls are! Yowzers... time flies I tell ya! Time Flies!