Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can We ...

Hold Senate meetings outside today, Mr. President?
Okay ... so it's not ACTUALLY a senate meeting
or even a meeting of the House
I'm not even sure who all is in the picture
I'm NOT politically motivated at all

But I still love that he's having
formally informal meetings around a picnic table.

She's Sweet

Even when she's not here.
I found this note hidden in a place I guess she knew I'd look after she left ...

Dear Mom
I love you where ever
I go. I love you very much
and I think you are smart
and Funny. I think you
are the funnest mom
in the world
From your sweet dotter

awwwww, come on, what eight year old thinks to hide love notes for her mom to find before she leaves on a month long vacation?

All mine.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Yeah, I'm doing it.
I'm breaking down and getting citified (wait, that's actually a word? I thought it was going to be a funny play on countrified .... heck! According to my spell check even THAT is a word. What IS the world coming to?)
Saving me $400/yr on a work visa, not having to deal with funny looks every time I cross a border ...
I've lived here for 1/3 of my life.
At 31, that's not really THAT long.
But considering I plan on staying here.
As in I have NO plans whatsoever of moving back to S. Alberta ...
1/3 is going to slowly become 1/2 then 3/4 ... eventually living in Canada as a "child" will be a fading memory that I'll tell my grandkids of (assuming my kids have kids).
Vacations there won't be "going home for a visit", it'll be "visiting Canada for a few weeks".

Honestly, Texas has become home.
I honestly can't say I feel any strong ties to the United States, other than my children.
But Texas?
I love Texas.

If they changed the pledge to "I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas ..."
Actually Texas DOES have a pledge!
"I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible"

I'll pledge to be indivisible with you anytime ;)

I'll admit, I have struggled internally with giving up my Canadian citizenship.
It's the place of my birth.
It's where my family resides.
It's where I lost my heart for the first time.
I have billions of tiny memories, emotions, friendships all tied up in people and places there.

I didn't flee my country to find a better life in the U.S.
I didn't hope to live the American Dream.

I came because I married an American ... and at the time as far away from my parents and the marital struggles they were experiencing was a blessed relief.

I never thought I'd marry an American, it never crossed my mind, even once.
Even living in the states was a foreign concept.
Other than maybe for school.

But live here?

Give up Canada for America?

Even as I write it, I fight against it.

We're friendly countries, that share the longest common border in the world.

So what's with the hoopla?
Why make is so hard for a friendly neighbor to live a productive life?


Nothing to Report

I seem to get harassed more when I don't post something as to when I post nothing.
ait ... did that make any sense? I got like three hours of sleep last night.
So this whole "conversational writing" thing?
Not to much working for me today.

In any case.

As I stated in the post. Nothing going on here.

Well there is something but as I have strove to keep this blog upbeat and positive, you won't be hearing about that.

Till it concludes.

Then I'll reveal in it and celebrate with you all at a later date.

Well, not physically since the greater majority of my readership lies North of the border.

Canadian border that is.
If it were the Mexican border it'd be all like, "paaaaartaaaay" since you'd be close to me.
But generally speaking - you the reader - are not in any way shape or form physically close to me.

I think I'll write another post about something I just remembered I am in the midst of going!

Can't mix unexciting-none-happening posts with somewhat-exicting-sorta-happening posts!