Monday, December 31, 2007


After only four hours at Epcot today, we got caught in somewhat of a flash flood. Instead of waiting it out with the millions of other people in the park, we headed out for supper and shopping - indoors, dry, good :)

MGM Grand ... 1st Trip

Last night we went to MGM Grand for a few hours, since we had time to burn. Both the kids loved the Star Wars ride, B-Man made everyone else on the "shuttle" start laughing when he would throw up his hands and yell, "Whoo, Whee, Whoopee!" It was pretty darn funny. The Muppets 3D Movie was good, even though the "3D' part was broken. Ms. R insisted on going on the Tower of Terror ride with us, even after AMPLE forewarning that it was going to be dark and scary. After the first drop, she was ready to GET OFF. B-Man on the other hand, was laughing and shrieking with delight the whole time. Even went on it again with Jerry. Nerves of steal that one.

Trip to Florida

The drive over to Florida was quick and unremarkable. The kids had a lot of fun interacting with their older cousins on the way over. The older cousins were very kind about sharing their new DS2's and patient in showing them how to play the games. I was impressed.

Christmas Day

Christmas this year was VERY low key and quiet. Until Jerry's family came into town that night, it was just us. It was weird, to say the least.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I realize this movie is now on DVD, but I was hesitant to take my kids to a full price movie when I wasn't sure how well behaved they would be there. So I took them to the dollar theater as a test of sorts. I got a medium sized popcorn and a pop and settled in, waiting to make a quick exit out of theater if B-Man got antsy.
However, I found if I kept his little cup full of popcorn and gave him a sip of pop from time to time he was glued to the screen. It was actually Ms. R who was the movie spoiler. At about the point where it was getting really good, she was like, "Mom, I'm bored ... can we go eat now?" Fortunately somewhere along the line she learned movie theater etiquette and whispered her question. I asked her where she was in such a rush to go to, she responded MacDonald's. End the mystery as to why she was in such a rush to go.

Hide and Go Seek

It's always so much fun to play Hide and Go Seek with Ms. R and B-Man. Mostly Ms. R. B-Man usually just runs around with who ever is hiding and shrieks with laughter, making it pretty darn easy to find who ever is hiding. This morning as we were playing he was unusually quiet, actually quite a hiding accomplice. We sucesfuly hid in the hall way closet together till Ms. R's "Mom! Where are you?!?!"
How we play, to make sure Ms. R knows I am looking for her is call out where ever I am, "Is Ms. R in the laundry room? ... No, not in here!" (usually as I hear her giggle, tipping off her location). She is pretty paranoid about not being found, so generally she let's herself be known in one one or another. This was her "hiding" in the kids bathroom ...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frisco Christmas

This evening I took the kids up to Frisco (about a 40 minute drive) to see a light display I had seen on Youtube. It didn't make any sense to me to be so close to something that people the world over have seen online and delighted in and miss out on it myself when it was a short drive away.
It truly is a wonder to see. The lights are actually wired to three separate songs, all very fun to watch. Ms. R insisted we stay and watch the one plays twice. Considering we were already getting honked at for not moving on to make room for more people to go through ... it was a tough call. But then I thought of the fact that we will have spent almost 2 hours on the road to see this spectacle, waiting three more minutes wasn't going to hurt anyone behind me. They'd have their chance to be rude and watch then entire show too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Banana Republic

Once upon a time I dated a boy who always wore name brand clothes. I teased and ridiculed him for being a snot (ironic, no?). One afternoon after we'd been out playing some basketball before we were supposed to be on our way somewhere else and lost track of time. My clothes were not in any condition to go to the next place but I didn't have enough time to get to my house, change and be on time. So he lent me a shirt and pair of shorts (obviously he wasn't that much bigger than I was anywhere). Long story short, he never got the shirt back, it was Banana Republic and so soft. We still talk from time to time, so I am going to assume he's not bitter about the loss of his shirt. I still have it, it's a trophy of sorts.
There is a Banana Republic outlet store about 20 minutes from where I live. The clothes are already discounted, then they have sales. Big sales. 50-75% off sales. Today I bought a passel of shirts there, all under $10 each. Less than I could buy anything at the Old Navy outlet (another favorite) and WAY softer than anything I could buy there.
I love soft shirts, they make me happy inside.

I Can't Stop Crying!

Having a son of my own with autism, this video touched me deeply. I can only hope B-Man excels like this one day.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Notes from the Edge

At Enrichment we were given a sheet full of questions to help us make better, more informative journal entries. Since I use this for duel purposes: keeping up with family/keeping us with me, I am going to use this as a place to answer those questions. Well, at least the ones I found interesting.

Describe a sound from your childhood. What was it? When did you hear it? What does it bring to mind?
The first sound I think of when I consider childhood is my mom singing. She would sing us lullabies, even into our teenage years. Her voice was so soothing, so sweet, it brought comfort every time she'd sing to us. I cannot even say she just sang to me into our teenage years, as I remember living in "the white house" and listening to her sing to Michael across the hall. There was also the loud annoying singing she did first thing in the morning. That wasn't so great to hear. I about wanted to chuck something at her when I woke up to that. Really, who wakes up that happy? Crazy people, that's who.

What is the one invention you could not live without and why?
A/C. At least since moving here to Texas. Before, it was probably central heating.

What is the most important lesson, message or advice you've learned?
Don't judge before you know the entire story. Things are usually not as they seem on the surface.

What special things did you do with your father?
I'd go with him to watch him ref basketball, I thought it was pretty nice to have that one on one time with him as we'd drive to where ever he was reffing that night.

Tell about how, when and where you learned to drive. Any memorable experiences?
My mom took me out onto the country road the Boehme's live on (which means nothing to those that don't know who the Boehme's are). It's less busy, but mostly paved road between Coaldale and Lethbridge. I think the most memorable thing about it is that she didn't seem nervous about me getting behind the wheel. She was more confident about it than I was.

Tell about your marriage. When, where, by whom, parties given, reception, maid of honor, best man, colors, flowers, special music, ect.
September 21, 2000. Same date as my grandma and grandpa Jones got married - just 40 some odd years later.
Lake Oswego, OR (temple)

The patriarch of Jerry's parents stake
I was given a "Lingere Shower" in Coaldale so I had less to pack down to Texas. Friends and family came. Funniest thing I heard there: Grandma Bowlby, "Those little outfits are going to look pretty funny over her garments" hahahaha. She was completely serious. Kills me!
Reception was held in Jerry's "home ward" in Milwaukie, OR. The church is literally right behind their old house, very convenient.

Dawn came down from Alberta with the rest of my family. She was preggers, so she hates the pictures from the wedding. I think she looked great.
Klayton Anderson. Been Jerry's best friend since they were kids and Klay moved in down the street from him.
Navy and gold. It was a "Celestial" theme. I cared very little about the reception since no one I knew was coming ... so it was really cheesy and cheap. As in balloons cheap.
I had yellow roses. Was carrying on the tradition my mom started some 20 odd years earlier.
There was no music, that I remember. We didn't have a dance, since Jerry is not a dancer.
We "honeymooned" at a B & B up in Portland for a couple days, then came down and spent a few more days at a time share here in Texas, with our dog Cobol :)

Tell about family reunions.
On my dad's side, for a while when we were younger, we would have them every other year. Who ever was hosting it that year would have it where ever they lived at a camp ground. The most memorable ones, to my recollection were in Taber - that my parents hosted. That year we had a home made slip and slide. Much fun. The other I remember was in Vernon, hosted by my uncle Ken. It was at a marina/campground. Saw my first "nudists" swimming at the lake that year.
My moms side didn't really have reunions. That I know of. We got together a couple times for weddings and what not. But no reunions.

Would you choose differently if you could choose your occupation again? Why? How? Any advice?
I'm a stay at home mom currently ... I think if I had done it differently, I'd have mustered up my guts and gone to college and got my legal assistant degree like I planned. I kept putting it off because I was chicken. Afraid of failing, afraid of having to have a "grown up " job ... So I kept drifting along. My advice it just go for it, for heaven sake. You have nothing to lose but time!

Tell about a favorite vacation from your childhood.
My parents bought into a timeshare at Fairmont Hot Springs, BC. It was a fun place to go. With the recreation center, pools, hot springs, bike riding, kids our age to play with, adventures through the river to find golf balls ... I loved going there. Many good feelings surface when I think of those vacations.

Tell about the house(s) you lived in as a child.
Oy. We moved about every two years as I was growing up. Sometimes more frequently. To describe every house I remember would take too long.

Did you go camping? Tell about experiences doing it.
We camped infrequently when I was growing up, as my dad didn't like tenting. Or maybe it was my mom. Either way, not much camping. However, when I was a teenager I was in a car accident and was given a settlement. I spent the settlement on camping supplies (no comment, mom and dad!). The summer I was 18 my best friend Nancy and I went camping for weeks on end. Then I moved to Banff and kept up with the camping, until I married Jerry. He thinks staying in a fully decked out RV is "roughing it". So not so much camping since moving here.

.... That's all for tonight, way too many questions on this sheet!

East Texas

I get a lot of flack from Jerry's siblings and sister in law for being his parents "go to girl". If they need something from Costco, Lowe's, Home Depot, they call me. If they need someone to do some research they do not currently have time to do, they call me. I really do not mind at all. Infact, I appreciate being on their short list of people they know they can count on. I like knowing they think enough of me that they are confident I will get whatever it is they need, or at least try my very hardest to do so.
Yesterday was Wayne's birthday, so Jerry and I headed out to their place with the kids. Having been out there frequently in the past month I anticipated what was in store for us when we got out there: A LOT of work! Jerry on the other hand, has not been out to his parents for any significant amount of time since this summer. So he was rather surprised by how he was not able to just lounge around. The kids and I helped Linda unpack her china cabinets, Jerry helped his dad with some kind of data something or other.
I LOVED it. I love helping them out. I love being involved in the process of helping them build and get settled into their new place. It's rewarding. You can see a difference.
The whole process has made me itchy to build a house for us. Kind of. On one hand it'd be GREAT to have everything just as I'd want it. On the other hand, it's a lot of work. The small details at the end could kill ya!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Seeing Santa

Yesterday the kids and I braved the mall to go and see Santa Clause. I figured it was kind of an endurance test, to see how they are going to be when we go to Disney World at Christmas/New Years (I can't get over the insanity of going to WDW at this time of year). We stood in line for a little over an hour (you read me right - over an hour to see the jolly old man.) The kids were surprisingly good. Every once in a while Ms. R would ask to be picked up (to which I said, "If you want to see Santa, you have to stand in this line on your own feet"... does that make me a bad mom?) and B-Man would go into the prone position on the floor ... but can you blame them? I was thinking as we waited that if the pictures were around $5 I could see getting a copy. It's one of those moments that you're supposed to have proof of - or something. I was shocked senseless when I was approached by the photographer, "The prices are as follows: $19.95 for one 5x7 .... "blah blah blah ... I pretty much blanked out after the initial shock from what they wanted for ONE picture. They did not allow you to take your own photos without a minimum picture purchase. So I graciously said my kids were more interested in seeing and talking to Santa than a picture with him. I think I was the only parent who said that, as we were the only ones standing in line without the white order envelope.
TWENTY DOLLARS? That is extortion! I can see how they get you though, where else are you going to go to get pictures taken with Santa? Our stake has banned "Santas" at ward parties as it "takes away from the true spirit of Christmas". We don't go to any work parties since Jerry owns or has shares in the companies that pay our bills (he'll give bonuses, but not parties). So no other Santa's. I figure we'll go see Santa again, next time we'll take Jerry, so he can foot the bill and it doesn't come out of my budget ;)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Circle of Courage

Ms. R's school gives out special awards for students who strive to do a little extra in the school. Her teacher nominated her with these words:
Ms. R has been a ray of sunshine in Kindergarten. She comes in each day with such a sweet demeanor that it brightens up out whole classroom. She has a humble heart and a smile that doesn't quit. Ms. R makes good choices and is a friend to everyone in her class. Her precious hugs warm my heart each and every day. She is a wonderful example to her peers and I am blessed to have her in my class.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Deeper Thoughts

I thought we'd finally got B-Man settled into his primary class. Last week we went about 10 minutes early, spent a few minutes in the classroom so when it was time for me to go it was just an abrupt departure. It seemed to go over well.
We did the same thing this week ... no dice. When I got up to leave he started crying and 5 minutes later the primary president came to my class with a wailing B-Man. I took him back to his class and sat down for the remainder of the class with him. I rode herd over him. If he started fidgeting, I sternly made him sit still. If he started talking, I wrapped my hand over his mouth. I was not going to let him think having me there was some kind of treat.
As we were sitting in closing exercises (and I was once again flipping B-Man again into an upright position) the thought about how there are special spirits that need protecting, so Heavenly Father sends them to earth in various handi-capped forms. It gave me pause. Is his situation protecting B-Man's spirit from being fully aware? Is Heavenly Father that confident in my abilities that he knew he could entrust this special spirit in my hands? ... I will shamefully admit that I have had the thought, "What, what more could You throw at me? What have I done?" It is possible that I am just trying to make myself feel a wee bit better in moments of despair, as I was on the edge of tears when I thought that.

Christmas Parade

This weekend we headed out to Quitman with the intent of helping Jerry's folks finish off their place and help them move in. However, Saturday morning we found out that both the small town they live in and the adjacent town, Mineola were both having their Christmas parades. Wayne's uncle (who is only 7 years older then he is) was putting a few of his classic cars in the parade and thought it would be a lot of fun for the kids to ride along.
Ms. R rode with Lon and Pat, loved every single minute of it. Pat taught her the "queen wave" and by the time they had rounded the first corner she was smiling and waving between throwing out bits of candy. B-Man was riding in Lon's 64 1/2 Mustang and you could hardly see him over the window (you can barely see him around Wayne). In between the parades, we were able to get a bit done on the house and move some stuff in. We finished off the day by putting up the Christmas lights at their house. Over all, a really great day.