Thursday, March 29, 2007


I don't have a catchy title for todays post - so ya'll are stuck with that.
Today I went over to Dawn's house to help her clean/organize before people arrive en mass for Mr. T's baptism on Saturday. Considering the kids will just tear apart the basement again tomorrow - I stuck to the main level so I didn't feel like tearing my hair out over the redundant-ness of it all. I've been way too spoiled by only having two kids. With as many kids as Dawn has, it feels like you just keep going around and around and around and ... well you get the idea, in circles. Never really getting anywhere, just cleaning the same stuff up every other minute. Drives me nuts. I am a bit of a neat/organization freak though. When I saw Becka's scrapbooking room on Sunday I about bowed down and started worshipping. I don't scrapbook, but such a pretty, organized, well placed room made me feel very comfortable. Her whole house was well put together. I was envious of her ability to bring rooms together with pretty things.
Most of the day the kids played really well together - with the exception of B-Man. He, as usual, did his loner thing and spent most of the day outside. I took this picture of him because I thought he just looked so darn cute in the toque I borrowed from one of Dawn's kids. Oh, and NO it wasn't THAT COLD here today - but you'll remember we are from Texas and I worry about his hairless head getting cold.


TinaLaRae said...

You're a great sister helping out as have been doing. I love black and white pictures!

Bultsma Family said...

You're so sweet. LOL, but I'll always remember you saying "So....what's the point of having a rug in the middle of the room......?" LOL and I was like "'s just decoration...." You thought I was such a weirdo! Be glad your kids didn't see mine or they would be so sick right now! Ben is like on his deathbed!