Friday, March 2, 2007


I'm in a bad mood, hold on to your hats, folks.
Things I HATE:
1. Doing something nice for someone and having them say, "Oh, you didn't have to do that..." Dude, if I HAD to, I probably wouldn't have. Just say, "Thank you"!
2. Doing big "to do" dinners with my in laws. We always split up all the food to be made, everyone has a list of what they are to bring ... It never fails that every single thing I have been delegated to make - my mother in law will also make extra of that. This would be understandable if I was a terrible cook - but I'm not!
3. Asking Jerry if he's coming home for supper and having his respond, "I don't know, what are you making?" IT DOESN'T MATTER! I am making supper, are you IN or OUT?!?!
4. Having allergies since moving to Texas.
5. People who don't signal, or signal just as they turn.
6. Not having monetary control of my life. It REALLY sucks to have to ask Jerry every time I need money for something.
7. Seeing picture of my nieces and nephews and knowing they are growing up without me and my kids knowing them personally.
8. Having a truck that needs so many repairs, with a husband who is convinced that he can tinker with it and fix it. (not so)
9. My house. I think it's just because all the money Jerry makes he puts back into his businesses and none into our house. So it's a sad, neglected, place that I just hate looking at. So many things could be made pretty ... but Jerry just doesn't care. Lately, being at home all day has just made me hate the house even more.
10. That my kids cannot talk like other kids their age. Not that I hate THEM for it ... but I hate that my daughter is almost 5 and I still only understand her 60% of the time. My son is 3 1/2 and he is still only spouting a word or two together, unless he is mimicking Jerry or me. He has started doing this screaming cry every time he wants something, or gets mad, or frustrated ... Makes me want to tear out my hair.
11. Not having any close friends my age that live close to me. My closest friend here is older than my mom. We're at entirely different points in our life and it's sometimes hard to have her understand I can't just ditch my kids and go off to do whatever.
12. Still having baby weight. I think that there is something in my genetics that is refusing to let go of that last 15 lbs. Yeah, forget about the fact that Vanilla Bean ice cream is my best friend...
13. Worrying about what the world is going to be like when my kids are adults.
14. Not having people to play board games with. I've tried to find couples that both Jerry and I like ... but I seem to be married to Cpt. Anit-Social and not many men are interested in hanging out with their wife and her friend.
15. Being afraid of dogs. I used to love them, it's really irritated.
16. Having lost control of certain bodily functions (clears throat) with the birth of my kids. Jumping on the trampoline just isn't as fun when you don't have that particular ... thing.
17. Having breasts so large they interfere with things. They are just impossible.
18. Being afraid of needles. I shouldn't be the one flinching and wanting to cry when my kids go in for their shots.
19. Hating to be the "bad guy" with my kids. I'd love to be able to pass the buck. But no, it all comes down to me.
20. People arguing with me when I KNOW I am right and they are just being stupid.
21. Jerry complaining about things that the kids do ie: leaving their toys all over the back yard, because then he has to pick them up before he mows. Suck it up buddy, I clean up after the kids every day. You can do it once every few months.
That's all for now. I'm done complaining. Well, at least for now ...

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TinaLaRae said...

Hey I with you on so many of your "hate this" list. Just think we can play games all day and night when you are up. We belong to a game loving family!