Friday, March 16, 2007

Here We Come

I talked to Maria's mother in law, Vi, this afternoon. They had considered sending Courtney up to Edmonton to the best heart surgeon in the province, but decided against it. They are afraid she wouldn't make the trip. Vi sounded absoluetly broken down. As at peace as Maria seems with it, Vi seems so much the opposite. My heart weeps for them. If I let myself think about what they are going through I cannot make myself stop crying.
After further discussion, I figured it didn't make any sense for us to stay here when I feel like I need to be in Alberta right now. So Jerry is doing a few things to my truck, buying me a new DVD player and the kids and I will be heading up to Canada in the next couple days.
This evening we started packing our bags and Ms. R was ALL about packing her own bag. So entirely cute. Things she thought were essential: 10 t-shirts, 1 set of p.j's, 1 swim suit, 1 book, and her horse (I bought her and H each one this summer - she wants to share it with H again).


TinaLaRae said...

Wow, I'm so excited! I know your friend will be happy you are on your way to be with her and family.

Jenie said...

Drive safe, we love you guys and will see you soon.

Bultsma Family said...

When will you be here? I'm DYING to "meet" you! I know you'll be busy while you're here but consider us your "home base" and I'll happily help with the kids, the driving, meals. directions WHATEVER. Keep me posted!