Sunday, March 11, 2007


After trying two different recipes with two different kinds of ground meat (beef and turkey) I am giving up on meatloaf. The recipe I tried with ground beef came away greasy and not so much appetizing. The ground turkey recipe came away bland and pastie looking. I am not even sure I WANT to like meatloaf, it just seems unnatural not to like something that is considered a "comfort food". I suppose I make up for it with my love of macaroni and cheese whiz. Has anyone out there made/had a meatloaf they weren't gagging over the grease or grabbing for the salt to season it? I may be interested in trying this again ... the majority reason - it's a cheap dish to make. Well, it's SUPPOSED to be - when you're making that and then a "replacement" meal as well; it turns out to be kind of costly.Pat's dog, Buddi Ann, passed away late last night. When I talked to her this morning she was a little hysterical, so I am heading over there this evening to play Scrabble with some icing (no cake, just the icing - it's her favorite part)to hopefully cheer her up a little.


Bultsma Family said...

I make killer meatloaf, and it's so easy! It might just be the good old Albert abeef you're missing to make a great meatloaf. Try just adding a pound of beef, a box of long grain and wild rice stovetop stuffing mix (has all the seasoning in it) an egg, some Mrs. Dash, some ketchup and salsa and a bit of brown sugar. Mix it all with your hands and form it into a loaf in a 9x13 pan, then in a small bowl mix equal amounts of salsa, ketchup and brown sugar, and brush it on top of the matloaf. It cooks into a nice sweet and spicy coating. Bake for an hour at 350. Try it, it's foolproof!

Heather said...

I make what I think is a pretty dandy meatloaf. At least Steve-o and Thomas tell me so. Thomas is not a meatloaf eater (or so he says) but he requests mine from time to time.... I'll have to write it out for you. It's not greasy at all and is loaded with flavor!

Heather said...

oh no.. I didn't know about pattycakes dog! I suppose now is way too late to send a sympathy card?