Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Bit if A Delay

Jerry was able to get my tires rotated and balanced and change my oil yesterday, but since he woke up at 3 he ran out of sunlight and time to replace the belts on my truck and get a DVD player. His friend who is going to help him with the work should be coming over this afternoon to finish. Therefore, us leaving has been delayed till tomorrow morning. It's not so bad, leaving in that big of a rush was kind of giving me a panic attack. Anyone that knows me, knows I thrive on structure, lists and organization. Anticipating 2 more weeks to get everything in order, then jumping the gun is a little unnerving. With the extra day I am rechecking the bags, putting the house in the state that I pretty much want to come back to it, finish shopping for the DVD player and buying a few more things I think will make the trip easier.

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