Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Sunday was a lazy day. B-Man napped the afternoon away Ms. R made a friend in Buddy and mom and I played Scrabble. It was really nice to have people around to spend our day with.
Sunday evening I headed up to Ben & Becka's in Calgary so I could go into the passport office first thing Monday morning. Becka and I spent a few hours talking and looking through her scrapbooks. I have an insatiable love of pictures. She would comment on some of her earlier scrapbooking efforts and comment on how ugly they were - which would make me laugh; her worst efforts are better than my best.
I didn't sleep very well Sunday night because I kept on having worries about if I had all the information I was going to need to give at the passport office. I did NOT want to have to go in there two days in a row. I was up and out of the house by 5 and took the train down town, in line at the Harry Hayes office by 6 which gave me the 12th spot in line, in and out of the passport office by 9. Turns out I had more than enough information for my passport. All the additional information they talked about needing was only if I was sending my application from the states.
I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Becka. She taught me how to make bread - and it didn't turn out like a stone. Yipee! We went out to Tony Roma's for lunch, she found a chicken bone in her first bite - so her lunch was free. After Ben got home we went out for sushi at Edo's; not the best I've ever had but certainly not the worst. She went tanning after we got home and Ben and I played some Phase 10. I forgot how unrepentantly competitive that punk is. He headed over to a friends after our game and Rebecca and I spent the rest of the evening playing and talking. I really enjoyed the entire day.
I headed back to my mom's Tuesday morning amongst a flurry of snow. It's been YEARS since I drove in snow. Not as bad as I remembered it to be.
I found mom, Rod and my kids all out at the feedlot where Rod works. Spent a while watching he and my mom work with the cows - really a fascinating process. Then we headed into Lethbridge for a bit of shopping, supper and then the auction. I've never been to an auction where they are just selling stuff not memorabilia, an interesting process, seeing what people will pay for certain items. There was a set of 1 ct. diamond earrings I had my eye on. I said to myself all I'd pay for them was $25. They of course went for $30. Ms. R was a doll, quietly playing with the horse grandpa Rod had bought her while we were shopping. While B-Man, true to form, was up/down/all around with either my mom or my eye on him at all times.


Bultsma Family said...

Awww....I'm glad you had fun. I did too! It just wasn't long enough! I found a REALLY great sushi place for the next time you're up. Hope you're having fun!

Jenie said...

Sounds like your having a good time! (While waiting for us to arrive of course) :)

Matt & Jessica Alston said...

Im sure you have lots to do but if you are bored you can come hang out here 758 3388