Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tag a lag a ding dong

What I was doing 10 years ago – I think at this point exactly 10 years ago ... I was ... in Lethbridge? Maybe Edmonton. Probably not Banff. Oh, who knows? I moved around so gosh darn much after I graduated it could have been anywhere honestly.

5 years ago – I was excessively pregnant with B-Man, still trying to recover from Ms. R's "incident", with no idea my life would be so funny five years from then.

1 year ago – Fighting to get B-Man into an Autism program, wondering where I was going to go from there and a little fretful over Ms. R starting kindy.

Yesterday – Took the kids to the pool, snacked our way through the evening, watched silly TV together and fell asleep remarkably early.

5 favorite snacks - Grapples (apples that taste like grapes, yum!), diet Pepsi, extra sharp Tillamook cheese, nectarines

5 favorite books – Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, An Assembly Such as This, Twilight series

5 places to runaway – Florida, east Texas, Canada, east coast, Galveston

5 bad habits – Reading into the wee hours of the morning, procrastination, not very subtle, I don't dust, watching VH1/MTV

5 things I would never wear – Belly bearing shirts, Daisy Duke shorts, mini skirts, bikini, thigh high boots

5 pet peeves – toilet paper not on the roll the right way, people driving the speed limit in the fast lane, my gas tank at less than half full, Jerry sleeping all day, sticky dining room chairs, remote controls that need new batteries

5 things I enjoy – traveling, spending time with my kids, the beach, the pool, a good book

5 favorite T.V. shows – House Hunters, Amazing Race, Heros (sorry, I only have 3)

5 famous people I would like to meet - If I never meet one famous person in my life, I could care less.

Fun Spot

The idea is to type in your answer into Google image and pick the best pictures that pops up.

First NameLast Name (*sigh* my LEGAL last name?)
Place I was Born

Favorite Animal
Past Love

Favorite ObjectFavorite FoodFavorite ColorBad Habit
First JobFuture JobPlace I Want to VisitMy Age

Five Words

So the kids in Ms. R's class were sent home with five stars with the instructions that we were to fill them out with five words that describe our child. I figured I'd throw it out in the wind for everyone to answer. Those out there that read this and know Ms. R ... write a few words that describe Ms. R for me. I'm curious to see how others see her. Not just her biased mother ;)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Frigid. It's a Fact.

I have been attempting to eat, drink and be merry... Oh wait, no no that's not what I am doing at all. I have been attempting to eat healthier, drink more water and exercise more regularly. It's a bet. Well, I'd do it even if there was no bet - but the bet makes me a little more motivated. Dawn and I have a bet going as to who can lose a certain amount of weight first and keep it off for a month (or lose more - that's okay too). The winner is granted a boon of a $100 prize. I, in all my hopeful cockiness am already looking up several different things. Concert ticket, day spa package, new clothes ...
The biggest hurdle for me is I hate water. Truly hate it. It's such a ... none thing. Sure, it can fill you up, cool you down, hydrate you. But still. It's such nothingness. I have tried adding flavor to my water bottles as I chug it down, but it seems my mouth objects to some chemical in the flavor packets, as my mouth gets entirely torn up after only one bottle of the stuff. So I've switched tactics. More than water itself, I hate water that isn't very very cold. As in icicles forming on the top cold. So, to trick myself into drinking more water (you're supposed to drink HALF your body weight in water - did you know that!?!?!) I set my water bottle out on the counter; so if I don't drink it, it progressively gets warmer. And I'm not allowed to cheat and put it back in the fridge between chugs. (haha, yeah, I'm neurotic enough to set up rules for myself and find myself trying to trick myself into cheating) So far, it's not going so badly. I'm drinking almost as much water as I'm supposed to on any given day. A couple times I've even drank more. I find the easiest way for me to keep track of how much I've drank is to put the water bottles I've emptied that day on the counter. It gives me a visual reminder of how many more I have to go. Kind of handy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Away

Jerry decided while I was still in Canada that the weekend after the kids and I got home we'd leave the kids with his parents (who were dying to see the kids after 6 weeks apart) and take off somewhere. No destination in mind, just get away by ourselves. Give me a small break after being with the kids all summer. No kidding, he really thought of it himself. He has a bad habit of saying things and not entirely following through because business always seems to crop up, or he forgets, or sleeps through it. So though I hoped like heck he was serious (because I LOVE staying in hotels) I didn't truly anticipate him following through, knowing what was on his plate work wise.
However, he did. He followed through. After I got home we looked into various hotels and bed and breakfasts (which we opted not to do ... we have a bad record there ... once again, another story, another time). After looking over tourist websites of Texas I opted to stay in the area. I'd really done enough traveling at that point and just wanted to stay close to home. So I researched places within a 20 mile radius of home and found a Hyatt just down the road for $70/night with our AAA discount and membership in their hotel club (which was free). When I say just down the road, I mean just down the road. As in less than 2 miles from my front door. It actually felt rather scandalous to be staying in a hotel in the city we live in
while his parents took care of our kids. The hotel itself was beautiful. They have recently renovated and even the hotel snob I brought with me was impressed. I think the 42" high-def swiveling tv pushed him over the edge of delight.The long weekend away together was great. We watched the Olympics (I explained random rules of various sports to my sports inept hubs), I read books, we went to a movie, swam in the hotel pool, ate at new restaurants, took naps ... oh the delights of not having to do anything.
On last thing I should mention - his phone didn't ring once. I was in heaven.

Oh. The Drama.

While we were gone to Canada and Jerry was gone to Utah for the Fourth, he had a couple of his "buddies" (read: business partners) enlisted to take care of Tigger. Seemed like a good deal. One would come in the morning, let the cat in, make sure it had food water, check the kitty litter, pet the cat a little. The other would come in the evening, pet the cat, let it out if he wanted, make sure the cat had fresh water. Well, there was one little snag. When the morning guy came a few days into the rotation, Tigger wasn't waiting patiently at the door as he usually was. On the inside or outside. So he started setting food and water out on our back porch, hoping to encourage Tigger to stick around. *side note* We live in an area that is quickly being developed by medical buildings and parking lots; taking over "natural areas" that any number of wild animals have inhabitated for at least as long as I've lived here. With the development of these properties and loss of habitat, the creatures are moving into adjacent neighborhoods. Namely mine. So if food is left out on the porch, there is no saying WHAT is eating it. Certainly not a stray cat.
Anyway, long story short, Tigger had still not returned by the time Jerry got home from Utah. So he started scouring the countryside (alright! the area okay?), calling all the pet shelters in a 20 mile radius every two days, putting up signs, hoping to find this cat that the kids (especially Ms. R) adored before we returned from Canada. No dice.
I had to break the news to Ms. R before we returned home because I didn't want to get here, have her running inside with the expectations of seeing her beloved cat and have to tell her then. Tears, wailing, sobs. That night she even whimpered in her sleep. It was wretched. Her daddy, being a daddy, promised her we'd get a new one as soon as she got home. Guilt is a mean motivator.
So, the day we return from Canada (there were two LONG flight delays and we didn't get into Dallas till 2am) Ms. R is already riding me, "Are we going to look at cats?", "When are we going to look at new cats?", "Are the new cats waiting for us?" I took the kids to a few shelters that day, then Jerry and I left the kids with him parents for the weekend and had a relaxing weekend doing ... nothing. That's another story altogether.
We get home Sunday afternoon to Ms. R's immediate question, "Are we going to go get our cat now?" *sigh*
We head over to a Pet Smart where they are hosting a local cat rescue adoption. What do my kids immediately pick out? Another orange tabby of course. What's his name? Tigger. Or Milo. Or Myno. Or Stupid Cat. Depends on who you ask, when.
I'd post a picture but I seem to have lost the memory stick for my camera. Don't tell Jerry.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Do me a favor and go here
This is a fabulous idea, if you ask me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Much Do I Hate ...

house work? VERY much. However, as stated several times before - I hate messes more. I hate opening a door and being confronted by a "mysterious" bad odor. I hate sticky spills on the counters and floors. I hate craft projects being strewn willy nilly all over my house. I hate stepping on toys on my way to the toilet at night. I hate the constant clutter a *certain* member of the household accumulates. However, there is a certain thing I hate more than all. The laundry. I hate how it's never ending. I hate how it's a 5 part job. I hate that I am the only one in a house of four that does it.
Therefore, the other day I took very decisive steps to eliminate this particular hassle of mine. I tossed out all our clothes and we all now wear potato sacks.

Of course I kid.
What I really did was this: Called Jenie and asked her to remind of how she divides her laundry, I figured if I could make it a little fun by adding organizing to the task it may help. Then I went and bought a four compartment laundry sorter. Next I cut out pieces of construction paper in the colors Jenie had indicated and grouped them as she'd suggested. After attaching them to the hamper I brought the kids in and we discussed how clothes were
sorted. Then I had them bring their laundry in and supervised as they had a ball deciding which hamper their clothes would go in.
Then we went to their closets and discussed how they could keep them in order. Once again, they were more than willing to do this as I described.
They kids now have chores. I now have two less steps. Everyone wins!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is ME

i am: ready to be a better me
i think: about renovating my house, then start tearing my hair out
i know: I can be a better person and could be if I just applied myself
i want: To achieve the goals I have set out for myself
i have: much to be grateful for
i wish: I could travel more
i dislike: being scared or confused or angry
i miss: Thinking I knew it all
i fear: Dying.
i feel: Comfortable yet antsy
i hear: Absolute silence
i smell: Nothing. I'd be worried if I did - it's almost midnight.
i crave: Friendship
i usually: Let my kids make too big of a mess before I make them clean it up.
i search: The internet daily. For random, silly things.
i wonder: If I will one day fulfill a secret plan I have.
i care: if my laundry is done
i always: drive too fast.
i worry: about poisonous insects
i am not: that interested in the daily going ons of the world.
i remember: too much.
i believe: in angels ... and maybe vampires ;)
i dance: With my kids.
i sing: my heart out in the car, hoping to drown out Rhiannons ... ahhh ... beautiful tunes.
i don’t always: listen to the good advice of others.
i argue: for the fun of it. I don't care if I'm wrong or right. I just may be deprived.
i write: in my blog as a substitute for a journal
i win: Sometimes, but i'm okay with losing too. I just like to play.
i lose: my patience easily when I am tired
i never: drink as much water as I should
i listen: well to others.
i don't understand: why media sensationalizes bad and never high lights the good.
i can usually be found: at home on Friday nights :(
i am scared: I will never get over my love of lists. haha.

I tag anyone who wants to fill this out. No pressure or anything.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last of Canada

as far as I know...

Little Girls and a Camera

and then some

Sorry, I know ... in the summer, I am a useless blogger. I take consolation in the fact that for the greater part of the year, I am STELLAR!