Thursday, March 8, 2007

Must be Spring

WARNING: Jenie, I want you to move here - so DO NOT READ/LOOK AT/CONSIDER this post...
As I was writing the last blog entry I saw a little scurrying out of the corner of my eye, this is what I saw:
This, dear friends, is a "Rabidosa rabida": Rabid Wolf Spider. The one I caught on camera and then promptly sucked up into my vacuum (which is why I never put my vacuum away) was approximately the size of my thumb nail - the body, not including the legs. The average male "spiderling" grows to be about 1 INCH in length.
The spring after we moved into this house Cobol was out in the back yard nosing around one night when he all of the sudden he started jumping around something barking his fool head off. I went out to investigate with a flashlight and found a MAMA of this species. Babies crawling ALL over it.
As any other level headed person would do, I ran inside, got a Tupperware container and went out to trap it. Want to guess how big the mama spider’s body was? As big as the palm of my hand. I probably should have called some kind of pest control unit or something. Instead I watched in fascination the next couple weeks as they all started dying off.
I think I just realized I am a SICK SICK person.


TinaLaRae said...

CRINGE! I'm not a fan of spiders, however I did just take the kids to Charlotte's Web last Saturday and found it in my self to be little kinder to them (Julia Roberts voice as Charlotte helped alot) but not any less squimish. Yes I think you are a sick sick person. Cringe again. I have also be told that spiders are very good for gardens so I know I'll have to try and become that sick sick person too.

Jenie said...

Krista! that is disgusting. enough said

Bultsma Family said...

Ew. Can't we talk about something purses? Rook? Your visit? Sick.