Thursday, June 28, 2007

World Trade Center

No, not that one. The one here in Dallas.Surprised as I am that every major city in the United States has one? All of various sizes but all with the same business intent. To house multitudes of business distributors from every field of merchandise manufacturing around the world with the intent of connecting those with the goods and those with the mind to sell them. Apparently this was the original purpose of the NY WTC before bankers came in and shot up the price of real estate. Dallas, however, has stayed true to the vision and houses 15 floors of merchandisers. Thousands of shops, millions of items to see. It's VERY overwhelming. I only know this (the WTC is not open to the "public" you must own a store to shop there) because a few clients of Jerry's house there main "portals" in this maze (each level is a few halls wide)of shops we had the privilege of perusing a lot of high end ($12,500 for an Elmo leather couch anyone?) furniture, mens ware, lingerie, seasonal decorations ... It was amazing. Not only the price of things "wholesale" but realizing what people pay for this retail. The day away from the kids was also really nice, even if we didn't buy anything. Oh and yeah, we're classifying it as a date - he bought me lunch ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Have You Ever ...

noticed that when something big happens in your life, other day to day things get brought sharply into perspective?
My Uncle Howard was senselessly, painfully taken from us on the 9th of this month. The grief was almost unbearable. From one moment to the next, I was never sure if I'd be weeping over the injustice or laughing with others over a memory.
Our family really pulled together. It was hard to be there without my own personal support (Jerry had to work, as usual) but I always knew ... felt my family's love for me. I knew without considering it that I had a shoulder to cry on, a set of arms waiting to hold me, an ear to talk to.
The sudden painfulness of the situation really brought to attention the issues I have been having with various family members and made me wonder what is really important in the long run. Is it important to hold onto the hurt, anger and sadness? Or was I willing to embrace the situation, address it and be able to move on emotionally with our relationship?
The choice was easy to make. This is my family. No one has ever meant as much to me as the people I call mom, dad, sister, brother. I would be there for them without hesitation or consideration of much else if they needed me. "That is just what you do." Is what I hear running through my head.
A good friend of mine is currently going through a tremendously trying time herself right now. I find the contrast in our families astonishing. She has several brothers and sisters surrounding her, yet she is left alone to deal with this. Within hours of calling my family to tell them what was happening with Ms. R four years ago mom, Michael and Jenie were on a plane to come be with me. Dawn and dad would have been there the next day if she hadn't regained consciousness.
I will never again take for granted what my family and I have and do for each other. While it is how I feel it should be, the reality is we have something pretty darn special. We're "do-ers" not just "say-ers". I couldn't be more grateful for that.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Women Power

Last night one of Jerry's clients had their annual conference, this year they held it at Reunion Tower. From this companies conception 7 years ago I have been pretty enthralled by it. The idea behind it is simply genius. Create a network that allows women business owners, women in high power positions in companies, women make the news are able to connect with other women. Women who can support them, further their careers, help them make other connections where they may need to. I have had the opportunity to attend quite a few of their conferences over the years, either as a participant (I go as a representative for Jerry's company) or as a "worker" for eWomennetwork - handing out name badges and whatnot.
Last night I attended as a guest, which means I just got to sit back, enjoy the food (chocolate fondue for dessert, YUM!), speakers, awards, meeting new women and renewing acquaintances with women I've met at past conferences.
Women of note I met last night:
Marilyn Tam: She grew up in Hong Kong the 2nd girl of 5 children, growing up with the knowledge that in her country and family her worth was less than dirt (literally). Marilyn persevered and became the President of Reebok Apparel and Retail Group; CEO of Aveda Corp. and Vice President of Nike Inc. She was honored for her work by the Greek government and the Euro American Women’s Council in Athens, Greece, May 2006 with her likeness on a Greek postage stamp. With all that she has accomplished, she is still very approachable, sweet and grounded.
Jan B. King: She began her career with Merritt Publishing in '83, when the company's founder retired in 1990, she became President and CEO. In 1997, Merritt Publishing was named the 44th largest woman owned/run business. She is incredibly spunky and earnest.
Nora L. Linville: She was named Director of Women's Sales and Marketing at American Airlines in March 2006. She is responsible for leading the company's efforts to target the women's consumer market and ultimately increase brand awareness. Nora participated in the review and change of non-refundable fare rules at American Airlines to allow customers to cancel and reuse their tickets. She also developed and implemented streamlined ticketing procedures for American Airlines Travel Agent promotional fares. Nora recently launched the
branch of American Airlines directed specifically for the woman traveller. VERY COOL. She's HILARIOUS, has a sparkling personality that shines on and on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sunscreen and Chlorine

These are the smells of summer I loooove. Mostly because it means the sun is out and we're out by the pool at my gym. I cannot adequately convey how lazily happy soaking up the sun while I play in the pool with my kids makes me.
Ms. R has become quite brave this summer. There are two 2 story slides at the pool and Ms. R has decided she's big enough to go down them by herself. She has worn herself out the past two days climbing the stairs hour after hour for the 7 second ride down the open top slide. The pure joy on her face every time she goes shooting off the bottom is so much fun.
For those of you who are wondering how B-Man is doing with potty training - not so bad at all. He has officially used the toilet for all purposes for a week now. Ya'll can imagine how delighted this makes me. Unfortunately the day before he made this huge step I bought a huge pack of pull ups. Oh well, rather have bought them and never use them than never buy them and still cleaning out dirty undies.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese

Cat Update

Cottage Retreat

No, this isn't a fun little thing I got to go away on this weekend. I wish, dearly. But not so much. Something somewhat more fun for Ms. R.
My in laws came back from Oregon this afternoon and wanted to do a fun birthday thing for Ms. R. So we went to Chuck E. Cheese (how is THAT not a barrel of fun?)
Then we headed out to finish off the furniture hunt for Ms. R's birthday present from Linda - her bedroom set. We ended up back at Ashley Furniture with both Ms. R and Linda drooling over this set (minus all the accessories, of course). The Cottage Retreat: With Linda insisting on getting high quality and the set was on sale ... I only squirmed a little when she wrote out the check and informed me I was to find a nice mattress within the next two weeks (that's when the set will be delivered) then let her know how much it was so she can send me the check.

Friday, June 1, 2007

I am WOMAN ...

Isn't that how the saying goes? Yes, ladies and gentleman that is right, I accomplished what I was VERY apprehensive about doing. Well, one of the things. I removed the toilet all by myself yesterday. You wouldn't believe what a toilet that hasn't been moved for 10 years can accumulate ... ahhh never mind. Any way! One step closer to finishing what I've set out to do. Now all I have to do is tackle the tile saw ... Oy! However, all the tiles are all marked off ready to cut. My in laws fly back from Oregon tomorrow. So unless I get this done, they will be using MY bathroom. I'd call that an incentive!