Wednesday, March 14, 2007


With the weather over cast and gloomy today, it was calling for home made pizzas at lunch. B-Man LOVES the whole process. If you could see the front of him, you'd see sauce splatter from head to waist. His favorite part, I think is watching it bake. Fortunately our oven doesn't get hot on the outside, so he's free to stand like this as long and as often as he wants during the cooking process.
It's been a strange thing, being home alone during this time with B-Man. When Ms, R was this age, I didn't get to spend time with her alone - so this stage and age one on one (maybe one of the contributing factors is that he's a boy) is completely foreign to me. I find funny things about him every day.
I regret not being able to spend this kind of time with Ms. R. I hope as they get older, we will be able to find ways to connect one on one like B-Man and I have been able to lately.

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Jenie said...

It's nice to get the one on one time, I really don't get at ton but perhaps as they get older.