Sunday, March 11, 2007

Excuse Me

Alright, this whole post will disclose too much information ... but I am still giggling about it, so I am going to share.
Yesterday as we were driving home from Sharkarosa we'd stopped to get a snack (juice and goldfish all the way 'round), after drinking a bit, I burped. I immediately said, "Excuse Me" and went on snacking. Not 30 seconds later I hear B-Man do what can only be described as a fake burp and then laughing, "Excuuuuuuuse ME!" I tried not to laugh and replied, "Excuse you, B-Man". Thinking it's even more hilarious, he followed that up with another series of fake burps and "Excuuuuuse Me"s till both Ms. R and I were laughing. What a card that kid is.

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Jenie said...

I love it! Of course we try not to laugh but seriously kids are hilarious.