Wednesday, March 7, 2007


My sister and I were never close as we were growing up; she is 5 years older than me and thought she was way too cool to hang out with her younger sister. I don't blame her; hanging out with a 10 year old when you are 15 would have been mighty uncool. I always accepted her roll as the older, "in charge", "do it my way" sister. Maybe it was my easy going, non-confrontational, "please don't be angry with me" nature but I just went with the flow and never resisted or resented what she wanted me to do. We never hated eachother, just never knew eachother. If someone would have hurt either of us, the other would have been there in a second to beat down the offender; we were never friends though.
I can remember the point that our relationship started to change. Dawn had gone down to Provo, Utah to go to school and there was a long weekend break the same weekend as my birthday - and she choose to come home to spend it with me (well, the family - but it was particularly for me). I was absolutely thrilled. We were finally able to start seeing eachother as equals and friends, not as that distant sister we happened to share a house with.
When she came home from school we shared a room for a few months and I remember talking to her for HOURS at night as we were lying in bed. I would literally talk her to sleep, and I was okay with talking to her while she slept. I was crazy about the idea of finally having a sister who was my friend.
I still am. I love being friends with my sister. I love having her just a phone call away, knowing she is there to listen, to talk, to laugh, to cry to.
Dawn is kind of like the central hub in our family. If anyone is doing something, going somewhere, having trouble, she knows. I love that she cares enough to be in the middle of it all. I personally don't have the patience.


Anonymous said...

Krista!! It's Bill's wife!!! Oh my all these cousin's that I never knew he had. Wow, I loved looking at your site too. Pretty cool way to keep in touch. So happy! It was nice that you left a message on our site. I've met a few of Bill's cousin's but new ones keep popping up, it makes me laugh. Maybe one day we can meet? So Billy must look different to you hey, all grown up? He's such a wonderful father and husband. I'm blessed to have him in MY life!! Let's keep in touch!

TinaLaRae said...

Hey I'm with you on relationships with your sister. I, however, and the oldest and Julie's 10 yrs younger. I know one day we will get closer.