Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today seems to be the day for reminiscing, over cast skys, B-Man napping because he's not feeling well, a little under the weather myself ...
Looking through the pictures of Ms. R brought back a lot of fun memories - having two kids 15 months apart I sometimes forget what happened to whom, where we were, ect. Thank heaven I am a picture taker.
Though it seems almost impossible, one of my favorite memories of my brother is from when Ms. R was in the hospital after Cobol picked her up by her head and crushed her skull. I am sure most of those who read this know the entire back story (those who don't, feel free to ask...), so I'll just start my story from this memory. Within 48 hours of the incident my mom, Michael and Jenie has all flown down to be with me and help me through the incredibly overwhelming aftermath. Michael had been given a line of credit worth $10,000 from his University, which they used part of to buy tickets down with (it's still overwhelming when I think of what they sacrificed to be with me). Families of children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit were allowed to bunk down in waiting rooms through out the hospital after regular visitor hours were over. One of the evenings my family forced me to leave Ms. R's side to get some rest. After a few hours of restless sleep I got up and slipped back into the PICU, only to find Michael sitting at Ms. R's side, reading her a book with all the expression he usually does, gently stroking her arm ... She was still in a medication induced coma they could not figure out how to bring her out of. My sweet older brother, willing Ms. R back into consciousness with his love and attention.
He has been a best friend for as long as I can remember. He's funny, thoughtful, obnoxious, intelligent, blessed.

Ode to Ms. R

"Great Queen", a mythological nymph. Origin - Welsh

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Phone Calls

I spend the majority of today on the phone - with people I like! That may not sound surprising, but I often find myself in conversations I am wondering how I am going to get out of it.
I know I am just posting this because I want to post these pictures - but hey, I am shameless - I could care less.
First I spent a couple hours talking to Jenie about Hanna's baptism, our trip up there this summer, sleeping arrangements, their pending move to Oregon, ect ect ect. Sat outside, sunning myself, watching B-Man trounce around the back yard as he loves to do, eating various plants (... yeah ... I think it has something to do with his love of animals?) I still can't believe this pretty young lady is old enough to be getting baptised in July. Then I spent a couple hours on the phone with my best friend, Nancy, who is always fantastic to talk with. She lives up in Oregon, we've known each other since we were vying for another friends attention ... funny that we turned up becoming the two who have kept in touch ... 13 or so years later.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I recently stumbled upon the coolest photographer. His name is Chris Jordan - if you go to his website you'll see what I have posted along with a few other really cool blurbs from his gallery. I am heading down to San Marcos to check out one of his exhibits sometime in March before it moves on. How incredible is it that someone can do this? Completely impressed.

Dig It!

Thanks Becks! I love having a counter! Also ... I have a bunch of pictures to share with you. Rebecca - if you didn't notice when you were putting in my counter - I have issues with the pictures posting thing. When I am up in Calgary, you'll have to see if you can work your magic again.
House ... view of back of house from back fence Kids rooms
kids bathroomlaundry roomDown the hall leading to said rooms Yes, I know, there is still tape around the doorways. I love painting just hate the mess that it creates and keeping B-Man out of it is ridiculously hard. So the hallway is STILL not done. Then again, neither is B-Man's room, my room, or the kitchen. Oh well. I'll get to it.
Then there is B-Man today. Yes, that's him naked, outside, playing in muddy water - in February. How much do I love Texas?
I captured this:when I realized I hadn't seen him in a few minutes - very suspect. I go down the hall where I find him listening to music in Ms. R's room.
Do de do de do ... I love love love my camera!


Thought I'd post a couple pictures of what our house looks like and a portion of the backyard - so those of you who haven't been here can see a bit of the house. If I get around to my spring cleaning - you'll get inside pictures too.
Oh ya! These pictures WERE taken with my NEW camera ... got a memory stick I can down load from, so we're ready to go now.
I'm discovering that maybe always having a camera with me may not be the best thing - I am constantly reaching for my camera now.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Body Worlds and Up Chuck ...

Today after stake conference Pat and I went to an exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science called "Body Worlds". It's a facinating exhibition features approximately 200 authentic human specimens, including whole bodies, plastinated individual organs and transparent body slices that have been preserved through the process of Plastination, a technique that replaces bodily fluids and fat with reactive plastics. The easiest way to take it all in was pretend that the very real human bodies you were looking at were really well made props out of a Hollywood movie. Other wise, it may creep you out. A lot.

Afterwards we headed back over to Pat's to play ... what else? Scrabble. She's been sick for the last while and is still recovering, when she laughs, she sounds like my grandpa Jones did. That of course made me laugh even harder. One time she started laughing just as I was taking a swig of water. I ended up spitting the water all over the place, then proceeding to choke until I threw up (fortunately in her kitchen sink, not on the table... as the water had). This, as you may not expect, just made both of us laugh even harder.
Not too sure you want to laugh with me now, are ya?

Blogging is good for the Soul

I was discussing blogging with my mom the other day, more specifically that I have a blog that since creating I have tried to update regularly. I was telling her how good for me this blog has been, as opposed to the private journal I have kept.
I have been a faithful journal keeper since I was 9 ... sometimes more faithful than others, but there is at least one entry per month from the time my brother bought me a journal for my ninth birthday. For a young womens project I transferred all my hand written journals onto computer disks and re-printed them out in tidy binders. I kept a few of the original journals so if Ms. R wants to look back on them she can see how mommy wrote when she was her age, ect
I was looking back on a few of my journals the other day and realized that my journal has become an outlet of anguish, anger, frustration and ... nothing good since I've been married. Not that good things haven't happened since I've been married - I have two beautiful children, I've traveled to fun places, I've seen more plays, concerts and symphonies than the average person, day to day funny things have occurred ... But when I pour myself out in my private journal, it's like an internal throw up of all that's gone wrong and I am expunging it from my system. On one hand, this is fantastic. On the other hand, this is terrible because it appears that nothing has gone right in the last 7 years.
That is why a public blog is good ... it's forcing me to look at my day and find what is good. Heaven forbid everyone (or maybe no one ... depending on if anyone actually reads this)read about all that's bad in my life - that'd be a really crappy blog. In any case, I am enjoying looking at what is good about my life. Thus far it hasn't been too much of a challenge to find something almost everyday. Just a nice break at the end/beginning of my day.

Any Ideas?

This post is most a question for Becks, how or where do I find a counter to put on my page. I either have no one that checks out my blog (most likely situation) or just no one that will post comments (also likely ...)and I'd just like to see if besides Jenie, you and myself read this. I find myself in that quandry a lot earlier than you did, "Am I the only one reading this?" Not that I'd mind - heck, I'm using this as a journal too, so maybe I don't mind being the only one to read it ... but I'd still like to know.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Date Night

I think Jerry's parents are worried about the health of our relationship (me and Jerry's - not ours and theirs) because they have initiated "date night" for Jerry and I. They are going to start coming in once a month and taking care of the kids for an evening so Jerry and I have to go out. Last night was the first night of this big plan ... Unfortunately Jerry's work takes precedence over pretty much everything else. So after he finally got home from one of his clients office at 7:45, we headed over to the Bank of America building in Dallas (tallest building in Dallas - pretty great views of the city. In the picture - it's the one that's outlined in green.) where all his servers are housed and spent the next hour transferring ... never mind for those who don't know computers it wouldn't make any sense what he was doing. In any case, I alternated between reading over his shoulders as he worked (helped him find two problems actually), pestering him with questions about what he was doing, and pushing myself around the huge server room on the wheeled chair I was sitting on (there was a lot of open space ... I had to entertain myself somehow). At around 9:30 we finally headed over to Campisi's on Elm (Italian restaurant) to eat. By that time, however, I was way past hungry and my stomach just hurt. So I didn't really enjoy supper. On our way back to my truck we passed a pile of trash bags that rats had ripped open, you could see the evidence of them dragging food to their various burrows. I almost threw up. It was too late to catch a movie by this point and my stomach still hurt too much to do much else so we just headed home.
Got home at around 11 to find Ms. R still awake, sitting on the couch drawing with Linda. B-Man running a bit of a fever and developing a cough ...
Wow. What a great start to this date night thing. Let's do this again next month.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I know I promised pictures the other day - and I would have been delighted to share some with you. The camera is FANTASTIC. However, when we bought it, the sales guy said it came with a memory stick - and it didn't. So Jerry gave me the stick out of his Dell organizer - which, in theory works really well. Except it is not formatted for my camera and I cannot download the pictures off of it. Crappy. He said there is a way to get them off of it, he just has to figure out how. For those of you who don't know Jerry - that means, "Don't count on it happening soon because it's not important to him."
A quick summary of what's happened in the last couple days (without pictures):
Took B-Man to the Fort Worth Zoo Wednesday afternoon. I love having membership to the zoo because it means that if we're only there for a few hours I don't feel like I've wasted $25. It really does pay for itself in two visits. As usual, we spent the majority of time watching the elephants, giraffes, hippos, lions, zebras, monkeys/gorilla and meerkats. The rest of the animals at the zoo are just an added bonus to B-Man.
The connecting joint between my muffler and the exhaust pipe had rusted through (it was owned by someone up in Illinois before I bought it -they use salt on their roads. So the entire under carriage of my truck has rust. Awesome.) and it was making a horrible rattling sound everytime I started up my truck or sat idling. Jerry's dad knows this guy out in Mineola (about an hour 45 minutes east) who was willing to replace them both for $80 - including labor. WAY cheaper than we could have got it done here in the metroplex. So I packed up the kids and headed out there for the day. Wayne and Linda met us at the shop and we went to McDonalds for a couple hours while it was being worked on. I'm not a fan of the snack wraps. Maybe it just had too much ranch dressing in it or something. Whatever it was, not so much something I'd get again. We went back to the guys shop to find that he was able to just remove the rusted out part, replace it with another piece of piping and welded it all back together - charged me only $20. I love small town shop owners. They know their reputation hangs on honesty and good work and do everything they can to make sure they keep your business. Even with the cost of gas and snacks for the kids, the trip was cheaper than we could have got it done around here. Besides, the kids got to spend most of the day with their grandparents - that's important to me.
I probably go out to my in laws twice a month (alone mostly) so my kids can spend time with Wayne and Linda. When I was growing up I didn't get to see my grandparents that often and I regret that now. With Wayne and Linda only living 2 hours east of us, it makes it very convenient to just hop out there. Sometimes just for a day, other times for the weekend. Now that I am able legally able to travel between Canada and the U.S. I plan on making jaunts up to Canada a fairly regular thing. Not only because I miss my family - but because I think it's important for my kids to know family. With all nine of their cousins within a few years older or younger than them - they could have some really close relationships with them. I think that'd be a great thing for everyone.
My allergies kicked in about three days ago -right about the time the weather turned really nice and started enticing us to be outside all the time. Why?!?! Why must you torture me like this? I have to go back to the ENT specialist and get more drugs so I am not in a perpetual state of watering eyes, sniffle-y nose, pressure headache ... I hate you Texas plants!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great Day!

Thanks to one and all for wishing me a Happy Birthday yesterday - you really helped make the day just that much more AWESOME!
I am not sure there was anything about yesterday that didn't completely ROCK! I got a great night sleep, woke up feeling refreshed (a rare thing), spent the morning hanging out with my kids, went to lunch with 4 girlfriends and spent two hours laughing and learning more about each of them, Pat then took me shopping and got me the perfect white collared shirt, spent the afternoon outside with B-Man (27 degrees Celsius), jumping on the trampoline/drawing with chalk/at the park, picked up Ms. R, stopped by and Jerry bought me my birthday present - a new DIGITAL CAMERA (YIPEE!), went to supper at a sushi restaurant, then to McDonalds so the kids could have something to eat (haha), went to The Marble Slab (as promised) and I got cheesecake ice cream with a raspberry mixin (yummy!), as I was putting the kids to bed Ms. R sweetly said, "Happy birthday, mommy, I love you." (everyone together "awwwww") ... What a perfect day!

Jerry and I had a funny conversation as we were driving to supper. Talking about presents and why we like certain days, he was teasing about why I really like Christmas best. My reply was "Oh no, I like my birthday the best - cause it's all about me ..." Hahaha, I am so bad! He looked over at me like, "Did you really just say that?" I just started laughing. Honesty sometimes isn't very pretty.
After we take Ms. R to school today, I am going to take B-Man to the zoo and figure out how to use my new camera. I'll post pictures this evening ... we'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They sprang from where?

An interesting day thus far. First thing this morning, as I was in the shower, B-Man came in to the bathroom and stripped down in anticipation of having a turn after I was done. For those who have never been to my house - I have full length mirror as you enter in the bathroom that runs about 4 feet. Yes - this does have something to do with the story... He's standing in front on the mirror making faces and what not, then all of the sudden, he grabs his ... "boy part" and starts galloping around in circle's over and over whoopping "YEEEHAWW, YEEEHAAAWWW!" Even as I write it - kind of mortified, but I can't help laughing. What ON EARTH would make him think that was a fun thing to do? Sure it's hilarious to watch ... but can that really be fun to do? Never mind, any guy reading this - I am sure I really don't want to know. It was a rhetorical question - really, it was!
A bit later as I am helping Ms. R get dressed she coyly (trust me, she may be four but has the coy look down to a science) and says, "Mommy are we going to the ice cream store today?" On guard, I ask, "Why would we go to the ice cream store today?" Quick as ever, "Cause it's your birthday mom!" Haha ... like it wasn't all about what SHE wanted - it was all for ME. Right, right, right. I completely believe it. Tricky little devil ... looks like we'll be hitting Marble Slab after supper tonight. Because it's my birthday, of course.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I love my Son

I love my son. I love my son. I love my son.
This has become my mantra over the last few weeks. B-Man is driving me batty! For instance: This afternoon as I was in the restroom ... doing restroom things. I come out to find that B-Man has opened a can of protein powder - a FULL can of protein powder and has spread it EVERYWHERE. A fine coating covers everything in the pantry, B-Man head to toe, the floor trailing over to the stove, on some of the cupboards... I about lost it. I didn't know if I wanted to cry or shout. He spent the next hour in his room, screaming his head off because I wouldn't let him come out till I was finished cleaning it up. In the process of cleaning it up - the bag leaked, the handle on the vacuum broke off, and the brooms wouldn't adequately sweep up the powder. I ended up on my hands and needs, wet cloth in hand, wiping down all the surfaces in my kitchen. I was going to take a picture of it ... but figured that wouldn't exactly bring about funny memories later either.
I love my son, I love my son, I love my son.

Sunday School

Yesterday, I subbed for the 10-11 year old teacher, she's a flight attendant and often out of town. I LOVE this age. They respond well to bribery (a LARGE bag of starkist has them all VERY willing to answer questions), they have interesting questions that have nothing to do with the lesson, you don't have to continually ask them to sit back down, you don't have to bring crayons to keep them entertained.
Yesterdays lesson was on Jesus forty day fast and Satan's temptations afterward. None of the kids had heard of this story before. Or at least none of them would admit to it. We had an interesting conversation about what tempts them the most (not surprisingly lying and fighting with their family are the hardest things for all of them to resist) and it brought about questions from them about what I had a hard time resisting when I was a kid, if I liked being an adult, the consequences of making wrong choices when temptations are presented ... It was a really stimulating conversation.
During sharing time the topic was the celestial glories. A child whose family doesn't come that often actually came up with the most probing (if you and your family are in the same kingdom - but not the celestial one - can you see them?) and sometimes heart breaking questions (can you still get into the top kingdom if you miss church a time .... or two?). Kids don't just say the "darndest" things, they say the sweetest.


So here is how I see it: If you own a larger breed of dog you are obligated to also own a yard with a stable fence. By stable I mean if you go out and kick the lower portion of your fence, it doesn't budge. Twice now in the past month I have found random neighbors dog wandering my street after they'd broke through thier owners rickety fence. One a dark haired dog that I almost ran down. The next a white pit bull that was anxious to play with anyone (if I'd not been familiar with pit bulls, I may have taken it as an attack and started swinging any hard large object at hand.)Both times I guided the dog into my back yard, read the tags, called the owners, fed and provided shelter for the animals till the owners saw fit to get home and collect thier dog. That, however, is beside the point. The point is, dear reader - that neglegant pet owners deserve to ... I am not sure what a fit punishment would be. Maybe put out in the street with only thier t-shirts and shorts for the night, only garbage cans to scavange through for food. Various, nervous people throwing objects at you to make you get away from them.Grrr. Stupid people. Fix your fences.

Manic Monday

I have a small confession to make ... I have less than perfect hearing. This situation often has me hearing things differently (or not at all) than they may have been spoken/sang. Today as I was listening to the radio the song "Manic Monday" came on. I was jammin' away to it (I'm not ashamed of it either) singing my heart out "just another man ain't Monday, wish it were Sunday ..."then I started thinking. "Why is she dating a bunch of guys with day of the week names? Is that how she keeps them straight? Jimmy on Monday, Tommy on Tuesday, Frank on Wednesday and so on? That's an odd song." I have heard this song several times in my lifetime. Always singing along with "Just another man ain't Monday" So after contemplating this song, wondering what is up with this woman and her quirks the radio announcer comes back on and says, "And that was Manic Monday and how's yours going?" Haha. "MANIC" not "man ain't". Boy, glad I never sang along to it when others were around, that would have been rather embarrassing. Or maybe I have. However, that did get me to thinking, how many other songs have I misheard and been singing along to like a lark - with the wrong words? It's very likely all of them and the people that hear me screeching along just think I am trying to be funny by changing the words. Rather like something I'd do, actually. Funny that no one has asked me about it though. A little consternatious.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

No Digital Camera

Means that even though I take pictures everywhere, I can't post them until a week after the event has happened or try really hard to finish a roll in one day. Even I have a hard time doing that - with only two subjects to capture. And I've discovered I really hate posting an entry without pictures. Makes it kind of boring.
Anywho ...
Yesterday the kids and I went to the gym for a couple of hours in the morning. I am never a fan of my gym in January - because everyone that has made getting fit a New Years resolution is there, cluttering up the space. I go to a HUGE two level facility, you'd think this hard to achieve, but no. Stuffed to the gills on Saturday mornings. However, I had plans for the afternoon - so morning at the gym it was. Ms. R and B-Man absolutely LOVE the kids play area at the gym, as soon as they are out of the truck, they are running towards the doors. With computers, a junior sports court, a play maze 3x's the size of McDonalds, coloring, books, large screen tv ... who could blame them? What they offer for the adults isn't bad either :)
After lunch we headed over to the Fort Worth Convention Center for the new car show. I now have two cars that I think I'd like to trade my truck in for. Realistic cars, not pie in the sky cars that I know I'll never be able to afford. One is the Mazda 5 the other a Kia Rhondo. Both would be considered station wagons. Third row seating that you can fold down completely flat, leather seating, comfortable seats, built in DVD players - and cute as can be. I think as a "Happy Birthday to Me", I'm going to go test drive both of these puppies on Tuesday.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Since Becks introduced me to blogging (not that I hadn't heard about it before, I just didn't get what it was all about ... yeah, I am married to a computer guy. That doesn't mean I know anything about them.) I have become addicted to reading other peoples blogs. I've probably scrolled through 100 peoples blogs and only know 3 of the people. That is an odd thing, I know. I'll use the excuse that I find people interesting.
However, as I have scrolled through various peoples blogs I have seen the recurring theme of dedicating at least one entry to "facts" about ones self. I LOVE this idea. Since I am essentially using this as a journal too - I am going to take up the idea and do it myself. I like the idea of 30 years from now being able to look back and say, "oh, I remember when I was like that. haha, silly girl" At least I hope I can look back and laugh at how silly I am sometimes.
So from here on down - you may not want to read. It's all for me anyway.
1. When looking into the future, I rarely look at the WHOLE picture. Instead, I put it into segments and deal with it from there. Keeps me from having panic attacks.
2. I can't watch scary/horror movies. Even ones that are mocking them ("Scary Movie") I find ... scary.
3. I love to work out, but hate doing it alone. I also refuse to wake up early to go.
4. I love B-Man more because he will cuddle with me.

5. I love Ms. R more because she is obedient and sweet.

6. I only like living in the states because I can't handle the cold and wind in southern Alberta. And why live in Canada if I am not close to my family?
7. I have a nasty temper I have had to learn to control so I don't lash out at my kids physically when I am really tired and they are being bad.
8. I'd rather fly than drive.
9. I am not passionate enough about any one thing to dedicate a lot of time/money towards it.
10. I am color deficient. I see colors (most of them), just in different shades.
11. I am terrified of snakes. So much that when I take my kids to the zoo, we don't go through the reptile exhibit.
12. I love my kids, but NEED time away from them regularly.
13. I have a hard time remembering birthdays. I blank half the time when people ask me my kids birthdays.
14. I love spending time outside. Especially if there is yard work to do.
15. Since moving to Texas I have developed horrible allergies. I suffer from them 10 months out of the year.
16. I love to sing. Though I do not sound very pretty doing it.
17. I love to dance, though I lack the natural ability that my mom possesses.
18. I love the IDEA of learning foreign languages. Let's just say the use of them should not be heard coming from my mouth.
19. I love taking photographs and am pretty talented at it. If I had the money, I'd buy a really nice camera so I could improve the quality of the ones I take.

20. I think pedicures are heavenly - but don't really get manicures.

21. I love wearing jewelry - but not rings.
22. Since Ms. R's accident, I have been terrified of dogs. I pretend like I am not - but I am. Even the small ones.
23. I love the way horses smell.
24. I love driving fast. Though I try not to ... only because I don't need another ticket. Not because I feel guilty about it.

25. I love romance novels.
26. I have ridiculously short, fat feet.
27. If I consider you my friend, you can easily take advantage of me.
28. When I buy my kids toys it's only half because I think they'll like them. If I won't want to play with them too, I don't buy a toy.
29. I love to swim.
30. Pepsi vs. Coke - Pepsi wins.
31. When I was growing up, I always had crushes on boys that already had gf's. To this day, I think I did that do I didn't actually have to ACT on my feelings.
32. My mom is my best friends. I tell her everything.
33. I'm not sure I'll ever forgive my parents for not figuring out how to work it out and stay together.34. I love to organize.
35. I don't let very many people get close to me, emotionally.
36. I hate chain restaurants.
37. I love watching sports in person.
38. I'll be friends with someone if the only thing we have in common is love of board games/cards.
39. I am an insomniac. I rarely fall asleep before 2. I love going to the west coast, because then I can say I was asleep around midnight.
40. Until I got married, I wasn't a huge fan of TV. Now I find myself watching it, mostly just to have something to do.
41. I have a huge crush on Collin Firth - when he was in A&E's version of Pride and Prejudice. Less for the looks, more for the character.
42. I've never really been a fan of kissing. There have been a couple boys along the way that I didn't mind ... but generally.... not so much.
43. I love participating in fitness classes, they make me feel like part of a group.
44. My kids make me laugh at least once a day.45. I love laughing more than pretty much any other emotion.
46. Sometimes I'll cry just to get it done with.
47. I hated being a girl till about 3 years ago. Even hated the words associated with it. IE: giggle.
48. I wonder often if my kids will grow up to be good people.
49. If you tell me you love me but don't show it, I'm not likely to believe you, no matter how true it may be.
50. I'm generally an optimistic person.
51. I always try to think the best about people.
52. I love having afternoon naps.
53. I am slightly hard of hearing. We don't have insurance, so I haven't been tested - but I don't have to have a test to know I don't hear things right sometimes, if at all.
54. Right now I am not going to church for the spiritual aspect. More for the socialization for both my kids and myself.
55. I like it pitch dark when I sleep.
56. During the day, ALL my shutters are open.
57. I'd love to travel more
58. I don't believe in destiny.
59. I love freshly picked carrots, peas, strawberries, and raspberries
60. I find cleaning relaxing
61. I don't have very many close friends. Many people that I spend time with - but I consider most of them little more than casual acquaintances
62. I love to bake
63. I really don't like sandwiches. Funny, because my parents both own Subway's
64. I love sushi
65. I may be a little bit of a snob
67. I always thought my sister was prettier than I was while we were growing up.
68. I love camping
69. Campfires may be the single most soothing thing in the universe.
70. I am not a fan of cleaning up small messes all day long. I'd rather just clean up the big mess at the end of the day.
71. I never make my bed
72. I love my mother in law. She is a sweet lady
73. I'd love to learn how to quilt. Though I am not sure if I'd be willing to put that much time into something.
74. I used to be on weightwatchers - but couldn't keep up with the daily entry of what I ate after I started working. However, it taught me to be more watchful of where I used my calories everyday.
75. I actually LIKE slimfast shakes, especially the vanilla flavor.
76. I am terrible at calling people back - unless it's someone in my family.
77. I hate talking in church, or in groups of people I don't know.
78. I love making lists
79. I love bendy straws.
80. I am not disciplined enough to use work out videos at home
81. I have a hard time forgiving people.
82. I hate plain water.
83. I love finding and listening to unsigned acoustic songwriters.
84. When I see other women who are significantly more beautiful than I am, I always force myself to think of what her possible hidden flaws are so I am not TOO jealous.
85. I HATE the thought of getting old.
86. I think God himself may have hand crafted crock pots.
87. Spa Day's should be federally mandated.
88. I dominate the conversation too often
89. I am a good listener
90. My motto is "Expect the worst and be surprised."
91. I have no problem sending food back if I don't like it, or the order is wrong.
92. I regret losing touch with some of the friends I had when I was a teenager.
93. I love vanilla bean ice cream
94. I loved Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line. I think he was a way better Johnny Cash than Johnny Cash ever was.
95. It annoys the crap out of me when people don't signal, or signal AS they are turning.
96. Reese Witherspoon once said "If you're not yelling at your kids, you're not spending enough time with them." I agree 100%. Though I do try to keep that at a minimum too.
97. I can't watch tv shows that you have to commit to seeing every week. I can never remember when they are on - no matter how much I may love them.
98. I wanted to be a nurse as a kid. Then realize I hate blood and hate sick people even more.
99. I watch most tv shows and all movies with the subtitles on.
100. The only pieces of jewelry I have been able to keep tabs on for more than a year are: my CTR ring David Robison bought me in H.S. and my wedding ring. Both probably because I rarely wear them.
101. I love men with baritone voices. Something inside me wiggles when I hear them talk/sing.
102. I think my best physical asset is my smile.
103. I love helping out at the Bishop's Storehouse.
104. I think people come into your life at certain times for specific reasons.
105. I love plaid.
106. I love flannel sheets. Especially if they are plaid.
107. I love planning
108. I have a dream car and house. Though I never aniticipate having either.
I may add onto this at another time if I think of more. That's it for now.