Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Miss Me?

Alrighty folks - here I am! I know, I know, several of you were probably going into withdrawals. Sorry about that, a girls gotta do what's right when it's right.
The drive up to Canada was very bearable. I worked it out and we only stopped every 2 hours, added on only 2 hours to our trip, and only had one minor tantrum. For a full two day drive from Texas to Magrath - I'd say that was darn tootin' great.
To make the trip go faster I found myself making lists. Of things we saw, when we stopped and for what reason, general theme of the billboards in each state, funny signs, how many police/state troopers I saw in each state ... When I got bored of that I started playing the alphabet game, thinking of songs I didn't know all the words to and making up new songs by ad libbing - yeah 30 hours can only go by so quickly. No matter how many things you employ your mind with.
Today was a pretty full day. After unpacking, we headed over to Coaldale to see my mom and Rod. Rod was at work at the feedlot - Ms. R was absolutely THRILLED with all the animals, especially the horses. I think we have another horse girl on our hands. If she is good with them while we are here, I think I will sign her up for some riding lessons down in Texas in the fall. After Coaldale we headed over to Dawn's in Raymond. Played there for a while, then all of us headed in to Lethbridge. Dawn went shopping with Little A while mom and I took the rest of the kids to see "Charlotte's Web". Then we all hit Pizza Hut for supper. I ran into an ex-boyfriend there. Haha. Something I don't miss doing in Texas - is that awkward for anyone but me? At this point B-Man was DONE with everything, so we headed back to my dad's house in Magrath.
Tomorrow, I am sure will be more low key. I don't think after two days of traveling and a busy third day any of us could handle a fourth insane day.
Hahaha, I was just talking to Dawn and she was making fun of me for my blogging. Go ahead, laugh. You have your books, I have my blog.
I'll take pictures tomorrow for all you picture lovers.


Jenie said...

I was glad to hear you arrived safe and well. I can't wait to see you guys.

TinaLaRae said...

Yeah, you're here! Can't wait to see you!

Ginamarie said...

Krista - sorry it has taken forever to get back to you. Yes Ben Sefcik is my Brother in Law - he is studying podiatry in Cleveland for another year I think - but yes the world is small when you are LDS. I hope you have a wonderful time here on your trip.