Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Any Takers?

I have a two gift certificates that I have no use for: a $20 iTunes Video Card and a $30 iTunes Gift Card. Anyone out there that wants them, let me know. I'll bring them up to Canada in July if you do ...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Additions

Let me introduce ya'll to our newest family members, Ms. Fin (calico) and Mr. Scat (tabby):

Lifetime Fitness Pool


Started the tiling process yesterday. I think it went remarkably well. Now I just have to figure out how to make the cuts in the tiles.When I was about 90% done Jerry got out of bed to come and inspect. He started in right away about what I have been doing wrong. The mortar was too thin, I was making a mess with it, ect.
All I was hoping is that it set right, despite Jerry's predictions. I went in there this morning and all the tiles are still firmly in place. Most excellent.

Monday, May 28, 2007


My in laws ward holds an annual "Fish Fry" every Memorial Day weekend. This year, I figured I'd head out there with the kids to partake, even though I am not a huge fan of fish at all.
We arrived early in the afternoon while Wayne was still in the process of mowing the 2 acres they live on. B-Man got over his fears and climbed on with Grandpa, turns out he LOVES riding on the lawn mower. Wayne is sure in a few years he'll be ready to do it himself.
The fish fry itself was good. There was a lot of baked beans, potato salad and desserts. The fish were battered and fried - they were remarkably good. The place they held it also has a great playground, so the kids played there for hours.
When we got back to Wayne and Linda's the kids were covered in dust and dirt from the playground. So I put some water and bubbles in the utility tub they have in the shop and tossed the kids in there. Ms. R thought she was hilarious, placing the bubbles on her face like a beard and what not.Linda wants to buy Ms. R a new bedroom set for her birthday, so I stopped by IKEA, Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go on our way home. I think I found the perfect set at IKEA. We'll have to see what Linda and Ms. R think though.
When we were out in Quitman I mentioned to Wayne that I want to finish tiling the kids bathroom this week by myself, just to show Jerry it can be done in less than 6 years. He asked me what I'd need to expedite that process, so I said I needed a scrapper to take up the carpet glue and what not that is on the cement. He lent me a fantastic little tool that made quick work of it. So now that is done I just have to start laying the tiles. Here is essentially the pattern I am going with. After taking a look at the pattern I am going with, Wayne commented that I never do things the easy way (all tiles the same size, laying in one direction).

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Date Update

Haha, I was so excited about telling you about Jenna I forgot to tell you what we did on the date.
We went out for supper (in my books, it's not a date if food isn't involved) at On the Border, then headed over to a couple pet stores to check out prices on cat paraphernalia for Ms. R's birthday present. Jerry decided since we were already out without the kids we should just get it all last night. His favorite thing to mutter as we were gathering up all the goodies was, "There's no such thing as a free cat ..." I had the unfortunate duty of telling him that the stuff we were piling in the cart was just the start. We would still need to get the kitties shots and "fixed", which will be a couple hundred dollars. "Really? It's going to cost that much?" Haha, poor kid, had no idea what he was getting into.
However, as we were looking around the pet store, he became pretty fascinated by the fish. As much as I think they stink ... I guess if he wants some, we'll be loading up on them too. And B-Man wants a puppy - Jerry is warming up to that idea too. We have the possibility of going from a house with no pets to a house with too many.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bragging Rights

Most moms, when writing that title, would be starting in on a blog about their kids. Not this mom. No siree bob! This entry is dedicated to my newest, greatest, sweetest babysitter.
Wednesday Jerry suggested we go out on a date this evening and suggested I find a babysitter. We've used varying babysitters over the years, mostly we've used a daughter of a friend of Jerry. They, however, live almost 30 minutes away. To anyone - that is a LONG distance to drive just for a good babysitter. It made me feel good to know I knew and liked the girl who was babysitting our kids though, so we stuck with her for a couple years.
Most recently a girl who I had in my "Achievement Day Girls" group 4 years ago turned 12. At the time she was an eager, bright, polite, fun little 8 year old. She has of course got older - as kids are likely to do. I was talking to her mom a couple weeks ago and she mentioned how mature Jenna has become, how much responsibility she's taken on at school and home, how her baby was no longer - a baby. I asked her if she thought Jenna was old enough to babysit and she said she definitely thought she was.
So I called her up yesterday, asked her if she was busy tonight and if she'd like to come over and watch the kids for a few hours. She very enthusiastically said she'd love to.
I tell you what. Jenna was here for 4 hours. She brought along her own little "bag of fun", had the kids asleep by 8:30, had unloaded the dishwasher, put away all the kids toys and was reading a book when we got back from our date. Since Jenna's only 12 she thinks $5/hr was a great deal. Which means she not only did more with my kids and to my house than the other older babysitters we've had - she was half as much. Ladies and gentleman - I have officially found our new babysitter. Dont' think I'll be sharing this info with other moms in the ward ... is that selfish? Kill or be killed, ladies!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bliggity Blah

That pretty much sums up how I have been feeling the last few days. I am not really sure why. I suppose it may have something to do with this constant gloom we have looming over our heads. We haven't had a cloudless day here since I got home, it feels like I have transported myself up to Oregon and living in the trudges there. Yuck.
I took my kids swimming in my gym pool yesterday and it was cold. So much so that I just sat on the edge of the pool with my legs dangling in (just incase I needed to do an emergency dive to save one of my kids ... yes, I am paranoid). By this time of year I am usually the first one frolicking in the pool. Yep, lack of sun makes Krista a very sober girl. How am I supposed to suck up all that vitamin ... y (I have no idea what vitamin it is - but I do know you need it) I need if the sun won't come up to play? I can't spend the summer all pasty white! That's a crime!
I went out to lunch with a group of ladies from my ward yesterday, an older lady whom apparently doesn't ever go out for lunch picked a very busy restaurant at a very busy time. So even though there was 11 or so of us there, I could only understand the people immediately to my side. Frustrating. Kind of embarrassing. So after about 45 minutes I made my excuses and left. I hope the next person picks a quieter place.
Even though it has been over cast, it hasn't been cold, windy or rainy. So the kids and I have spent a lot of time hanging out infront of our house. They both have tricycles and they share a foot-motor car. They have a bunch of fun and I get outside - even though I am usually frowning up at the sky. I love living at the end of a cul-du-sac. The kids can zoom around to thier hearts content and can see well in advance when a car is coming. Usually the cars end up turning before they get down to our place, but they both know well enough to come scurrying over to our driveway until the street clears again.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love Thyself ...

I'm not really sure that is anywhere in the bible or whatever, actually I think it's love thy neighbor ... but sometimes I find myself loving my neighbor more than I love me. So since I conned Jerry into taking the kids out to his parents for the afternoon, I think I am going to make a short list of a few things I like about myself. Is that narcissistic? Oh well, someone has to do it from time to time - might as well be me! Let me wallow in self-gratification for a bit, even if you don't think I deserve it :) Once again, I'd like to look back on this in a few years and see what I was like at this time in my life. These are, of course, in no particular order.
-I love what a good friend I am. I take pride in the fact that when someone I consider to be a friend needs me, I am there without hesitation. I step up and do what they need me to do and often far beyond that. Because I think that is what true friendship really is. Stepping up, supporting, loving, encouraging, and being there. I never consider it a sacrifice; it is just what needs to be done. So I do it.
-I think, generally, I am a good mom. I know that part of this comes from several people telling me they think so too ... but there are days that I turn, look at my kids and realize I am doing far better than decent. I am trying to do all I can to make sure they grown up to be happy, considerate, well adjusted human beings. There are times this is a sacrifice, but that is what moms do, we sacrifice. It's the roll we have been given.
-I love my smile. People are naturally drawn out by others smiles, I enjoy spreading the joy of mine as often as humanly possible. I find that in this day and age, people don't genuinely smile at eachother enough. So I try to do it as often as possible.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I bet none of you had any idea that a grocery cart collision could feel just as a car crash does. Yessiree, folks, it's true!
This afternoon I cruised into the local Tom Thumb (Safeway, Texas style) with the kids. As usual, the kids climbed into one of the carts that has the "car" built into the front - which, by the way, makes them all but immobile unless you are going completely straight at all times. But it keeps the kids entertianed, most of the time.
Half way through our trip, Ms. R had crawled out of the front portion to "help" me find various items. Still walking, I'd turned around to make sure she was keeping up ... a lady coming out of another isle (she apparently had been side tracked by magazine titles) and I SLAMMED carts into one another. Whiplash. Seriously. I saw stars.
On a more pleasant note, I have also decided to start buying plants, flowers, ect ... because I like them. My grandma Jones gave me the idea and I agree. It's time to stop hoping someone will buy them for me and start doing nice things for myself. This last trip I got a flowering plant with the prettiest purple blossoms. I fell in love with it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I've thought on it long enough ... now I think I am ready to write about it.
Before I left for Canada, my friend Pat told me about a thought her daughter in law, Laura had about B-Man ... Did he possibly have autism? She pointed out the things that had her wondering that and I saw what she was saying. This option had never even occurred to me. It opened up another set of rails on the track. I talked to Jerry about it, he dismissed it because he'd apparently researched it on the internet and said he just didn't fit the profile. So once again ... I let it go.
However, when we were in Canada it was Autism awareness month. The area I was staying at in Alberta is very small and hasn't much news going on - so the topic was covered pretty much every day in the papers. I read, feeling my stomach and spirits sinking with every article. He may not fit every single description, but enough that it made me squirm.
Then there was also the sharp contrast between him and his cousins around his age and younger. They interacted more, spoke more ... they seemed so much more mature than B-Man. All of them, down to my two year old niece.
My good friend Maria had also noticed B-Man's odd ... quirks. We talked at length about what I had noticed and she suggested that I allow her brother, Conrad Boehme, a childhood psychologist who specializes in (ironically) diseases such as autism to observe B-Man and discuss my concerns. I fully agreed.
After meeting with Con over a Sunday dinner, filling out paper work he'd written up as sort of a "autism checklist" and discussing at length B-Man's strengths and weaknesses he confirmed the over all thought ... B-Man is a high functioning autistic. He had many suggestions for follow up here in Texas, which I have been following.
On one hand, this is incredibly heart breaking. He will never be "normal". There is no "cure" for autism, they say the part of the brain that it effects pretty much shouldn't be fiddled with. He can be worked with. Helped to acclimate to situations better, associate in a friendlier manner ...
I have been told it is a blessing he has an older sibling who is so social and bossy. She forces him to interact with her regularly, coddles him, loves on him ...
You know how they say Heavenly Father never gives you more than you can handle? Sometimes I wish I could "handle" a little less.
Oh I started saying "on one hand" so I guess there has to be another hand too. The "other hand" would be that I am now able to see the things that he does that he cannot help. This helps me build patience, knowing that he isn't doing it to defy me or being stubborn. He just ... is.

Mind of Her Own

Ooookay, I get that the colors in the top and bottom are the same. I get it! But will someone please tell me that this combination is baaaad?!?
Ms. R has taken it upon herself to want to do everything herself. Picking out her clothes, pouring her cereal/milk, buckling her seat belt... I know, she's almost 5. It's about time, it just seems like it's all of the sudden.
Yesterday we were talking about something or other and she gave me this look that I swear I will be getting from her in 10 years. A tolerating look that spoke volumes. Her eyes were simply arresting. All I could do was swallow and try not to smile back at her.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Maybe I am just opening my eyes up wider because I am actively looking, but at the gym alone in the last two days I have had more conversations with women than I have in the entire three (or how ever long I've been there...) years previously. Yesterday, there was a line of women going to town on the treadmills, actively watching Dancing with the Stars. One young lady piped up something about Joey, unable to resist, I commented back. This started a forty five minute discussion/commentary with 6 women. It also garnered me the nicest compliment I've got in YEARS. As the time was nearing for me to pick up my kids, I asked how much longer the show was on. A lady maybe in her 60's told me it was going to 8:30, I expressed dismay since I had to pick up my kids before that. She was so cute. Stammering a little bit she asked, "I'm sorry to be rude, but how old are you?" I laughed and told her. She gawks and states, "Well, I never would have guessed that! I thought you were in high school!" Suuuure, on the fitness rating scale, I am a 21 year old (the personal trainer says with a little more attention to certain areas, I could be 18) ... but I have never thought I looked that young.
Then today, as I am finishing up a grandmother out of the blue starts telling me about her grandson down in Austin going to school, the Bahama's Cruise she is leaving on tomorrow, ect ect ect. I comment and agree where I should, then she finished getting ready to go off to her aquatics class and as a parting says, "It tough work, staying beautiful" ... I LOVED it. This sweet lady, probably in her 80's, is still vain enough to care. Awesome.


Alright Heather, I'll give it a go ...
Names I Go by: Babe (Jerry, how generic can you get?), Mommy (my two angels) Things I am Wearing Right Now: Undies ... haha, I have yet to get going for the day, give me a break!
Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Respect and Equality
My Favorite Things to do: Laugh, Take my kids to fun places
Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: Friends my age in Texas, Unlimited airmiles Pets I have: How about pets I have had? We have no pets at the moment
Things I did last night: Sleep, Watched TV Things I ate today: Tangello, Slim Fast shake
People I just talked to last: B-Man and Ms. R
Things I'm doing tomorrow: Working out, Registering Ms. R for Kindy (Walker Creek Elementary)Longest car rides: Texas-Canada-Texas, Europe trip with in laws Favorite Holidays: Summer (man, I love the pool at my gym!), Thanksgiving Favorite beverages: Strawberry Daiquiri, Shirley Temple

My in laws

This Mother's Day, as other Mother's Days in the past - we spent with my in laws out at their place in Quitman. No matter how much time we spend with them, it never ceases to amaze me how much they adore my kids. Seriously, you'd think no one else had ever been grandparents before, or will again. They've always bought some new toys for the kids to play with everytime we go out there, the kids think it's wonderful of course.
Wayne was kind enough to make both breakfast (waffles) and dinner (pork chops, pasta salad, ect) so Linda and I didn't have to worry about it.
I'd bought Linda a few trinkets and a flowering plant, then had my kids sign a card for her - she seemed to really love it all.
Wayne is almost done building their house (he's been working on it for two years now), just has the tiling/hardwoods/carpeting and faceplate insulation to finish off. Considering he's done the majority of the work himself, it's coming along very well.

Friday, May 11, 2007


It has recently come to my attention (thank you, Gary) that I probably don't give gratitude where gratitude is due often enough.
My sister, Dawn, is - as I have mentioned before - the hub of our family. I know she loves being in the middle of it all. Knowing what is going on with who, where people are, what is going to happen next - she loves it. We count on her to keep us all connected. Nothing slips past her, or if it does - it's not because she has let it slip.
However, because of this "hub" status and her willingness to be there - I think I probably took her hospitality for granted while I was in Canada this last time.
When she offered to have my daughters birthday party at her place ... I was grateful and glad because if she hadn't offered, I'd have been put in the awkward position of having it at one of my parents place. When I ran DREADFULLY late (I'm never late, I HATE being late...), she and Gary put up balloons and a poster so her place would look more festive. Being in a bit of a tizzy, I neglected to show or tell her properly how much I'd appreciated them opening up their home to us and all those I brought along.
When I wanted to hang out with her and others, I'd just head to her place - knowing she'd at least pretend it was alright while I was there. We learned how to be martyrs from the best ;)
Too often I just feel relationships are a give and take, with few words needing to be said because those involved know how much what they are doing for others means to those being done. Too often, I may neglect to let others - such as my sister - HEAR or READ how I am feeling.
So as a some what public apology, I'd like to put it down here that I appreciate all that Dawn does for me. All that she has done. All the sacrifices, emotionally, socially, physically that she may have given for me without acknowledgement. Know that even if I am not fully aware of all that you have given or shared, I am thankful. I love you tremendously.


I'm sure you've all just been DYING for another post, since it's been FOREVER since I wrote last ... So here goes:
My mom offered to drive back down to Texas with me this trip so I wouldn't have to go it alone again- which I am forever grateful for. It's awesome to have an adult in the car to talk with, comment on passing things to, check out monuments with, share the task of driving with, ect. We stretched the drive out to four days - which, we agreed, was just too long. After doing it a few different ways, I think the 3 day/10 hour day way is the best way over all to do it.
We arrived in Texas on Friday, spent the night at my house then scooted over to Canton to do some serious shopping at First Monday (largest flea market in the world). Jerry took the kids for the day, which was a nice break for me - and a nice way for him to reconnect with the kids after almost 2 months apart.
My mom and I had talked about fun things to do while she was here this time and I suggested going to Galveston for a couple of days. She's never been to the Gulf of Mexico and I've never been this early in the season - so it was decided. After a 5 hour drive, we arrived on Galveston Island around 3. Which gave us PLENTY of time to splash around in the gulf for a couple of hours, back to the hotel's pool for an hour or so ... then hit the bed. Mom and I were WAY more tired than the kids were. The second day we found ourselves on the beach (surprised?) all day. The kids are at the perfect age for the ocean this year. I've taken them a couple times in preceding years and I was the only one that wanted to still be there after a couple hours. This year we had to bribe them with a swim in the pool (which was literally across the street from the beach) in order to get them away from the water and sand. It was fantastic.
After a quick swim in the hotel pool this morning, we were on our way again. We stopped for lunch at the Sam Houston memorial statue that stands outside of Huntsville - the pictures of that are on mom's camera - so you'll have to wait for what we took with that.
This evening Jerry and I took the kids over to his friend Chris' house to take a look at the kittens he's offered to give us. After looking them over, I'm not too sure we won't be bringing home two. Ms. R is in love with a tabby and I am in love with a calico - so we'll see. Jerry is allergic to cats, so it's a surprise he's agreed to this at all. I hate to push him when he's making this kind of sacrifice. But I really do love that calico ...
Not sure what is on the horizon tomorrow, I'll keep you up to date though!

Galveston with Grandma!