Monday, March 5, 2007

More house

... for my faithful readers (you know who you are)
Interesting fact(s) about Kitchen: When I did the initial walk through of our house 6 years ago, I fell in love with the open lay out, white cupboards, and blue tiled island. I now detest the tile on top of my island, as the grout sucks up any spills and I have to take out my scrubber and attack it at least once a week. I am also hating the white cupboards because they show EVERYTHING and I have to wipe them all down once a day.
Pic 1 - View from the entrance to my bedroom: 2 - View from the hallway leading to the back of the house: My Bedroom is really larger than it appears, however I have a California king size bed (6x7 ft) and two chunky dressers that take up A LOT of space. Interesting facts: Every single piece of our furniture is "hand me down" except out bedroom furniture, which I bought shortly after I married. At the time, I loved the whole "celestial" theme with stars and moons and whatnot. Now, I am sooo over it. However, there hasn't been a single person sleep on out bed who hasn't asked where they could get a mattress like mine. Pillow top, delicious!
View 1 - From door way: View 2 - From Windows:Master bath, interesting facts ... Jerry has been working on the tiles of our bathroom floor for as long as we have lived in our house - 6 years. Doing and redoing them three times thus far because the lines weren't "perfect". Even now, he has the center design plastered down and the rest of them are just, floating, if you will. He says that once the kids and I go up to Canada for the month he'll finish it off. For real. Haha, I've heard that before, we'll see.
Looking into the bathroom straight on. Shower, tub and toilet "room" to the left, walk in closet straight ahead and sinks on the right.

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TinaLaRae said...

I get how things in a house loose their appeal, I lost it in my house. Your house does look beautiful though. I think once've been to mine you may appreciate yours more.