Friday, March 2, 2007


A Day for lists ... After reading Tina's and realizing I have no where to go tonight (no, that's nothing new, I just hope everyday that something exciting will pop up and I'll have something to do that night...) I figure I'll write another "about me" list - I like 'em.

109. I was wildly unpopular in high school. I heard first hand from one of my "haters" it was because many parents in our ward were comparing them to me, "Why can't you just be more like Krista Jones" (huge groan) Not helpful.
110. Sometimes I will take my kids places simply because I want them to have a memory/picture of it. Not because I really want to do it.
111. The first guy I dated - I only dated because his brother, who I really liked, was on a mission.
112. I dated a guy once simply because he had a motorcycle. Haha, bad Krista.
113. I am pretty open about my "wayward" ways. I am not proud of them, but I am also not ashamed of who that time has made me.
114. I love watching Hannah Montana. I'll even watch it when Ms. R isn't around if I haven't seen the episode.
115. I have much grey hair. I die it as often as possible. For some reason no matter what color I choose, I always end up with red high lights.
116. I love scented candles.
117. I prefer to sleep without Jerry in the room - he's a REALLY loud breather. So living parallel lives works out really well.
118. I've never had a cavity
119. After accidentally throwing away my retainer at a restaurant, my mom and I had to go back and dig through their garbage to find it. And then she made me wear it (after it'd been boiled in hot water and brushed 1000 times).
120. I love going out without my kids and feeling like an adult.
121. I rarely watch a movie twice, I don't have the patience to watch something again. I know how it's going to end already.
122. I HATE it when guys wear baggy pants. I am not asking for skin tight either - just not showing your undies, please.
123. I'd love to go to a therapist. Maybe I just need someone around here to talk to ... haha
124. I'd consider a tummy tuck - but I scar badly and think the results would look worse than what I already have.

125. I have a myspace account that I have had a lot of fun finding unsigned/unknown musicians through. Also a few old school mates. Coolio.
126. I use proactiv solution. Not that I had a TERRIBLE complexion, I just had break outs from time to time that as a 28 year old thought were just stupid.
127. I have deep dark secrets of my own and others that I will never tell and have lied about to cover.
128. I think filet mignon is the only cut of meat you should order.

129. I read faithfully to my kids each night in hopes that they will pick up my love of books.
130. I love lingerie, it's a dirty little pleasure of mine.
131. I haven't found a Chinese restaurant that can do wonton soup properly here in Texas.

132. I used to be a compulsive liar. I'd even catch myself after I had lied and wondered why I hadn't just told the truth. Fortunately I am not as interested in making people happy as I am about being happy about who I am now.
133. I love putting the color pink and brown together, I don't care how trendy it is. I love it.
134. I love being able to talk out my problems with my mom. By the time we have exhausted topics, I feel like we have accomplished something.

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TinaLaRae said...

Me too! It doesn't matter what color I dy my hair I always get a red high light. Except when I splurge and go to a salon, I guess there's something you learn at Beauty School that you just can't can't do at home?!