Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Up Yours?

A couple years ago I noticed a disgusting stench coming from Ms. R's nose. It was like something was rotting up there. I took a peek, but her nostrils were so small it was hard to tell if there was something up there or if it was just flesh. So I took her to our pediatrician at the time and he gave her an antibiotic, saying it was just a virus. I'm not a doctor and have much faith in those who are, so I took his advice, gave Ms. R the antibiotics. Still STUNK. Took her back and he suggested maybe she just had halitosis. That was absolutely RIDICULOUS, even with her mouth closed you could smell her 10 feet away (no word of a lie). We went to a new pediatrician who immediately asked me what Ms. R has stuck up her nose. I hadn't a clue. So she sent us to an ear/nose/throat specialist who extracted a COTTON BALL from her right nostril. I was worried that maybe it was packing left over from when she was operated on when she was 8 months old - but it was in the wrong sinus. The only answer is that she snuck it from one of her grandma's make up bags when they'd visited us a few weeks before she had started stinking.
This visit actually resulted in Ms. R getting her check bone realigned (the specialists had hoped that since she was so young when her cheek bone was crushed it'd grow back together naturally. It didn't.) and having her enlarged adenoids removed. Over all, a blessing since having her cheek bone realigned when she is older would be more traumatic - for her. I've had all the trauma I can handle where Ms. R is involved.
However, since this incident I have been insane about checking my kids’ noses daily. A bit of an over kill, maybe - but you didn't smell Ms. R in the weeks the cotton ball was in her nose. My vigilance paid off the other day when I was doing my daily check and found a popcorn kernel nestled up B-Man's left nostril. I immediately whisked him off to the bathroom, lay him prone on the counter, and extracted the thing with my tweezers. Scared the crap out of B-Man. GOOD! I hope he never sticks anything up there again.


TinaLaRae said...

Laina was the one who would sticj things in her nose. I found a dead fly, a flower peddle and a bead.

Bultsma Family said...

You seriously had me rolling on the floor. You are a great story teller!

Jenie said...

LOL Sorry, its not very funny, but I can not stop laughing.