Saturday, March 10, 2007

Holy "Macro"

I was trying out the "macro" setting on my camera yesterday afternoon and decided to take pictures of the physical things on B-Man that make him unique ... Thumb nail that repeatedly grows and falls off:His third nipple, or "nubbin" located under his right regular one:Hair color, in winter is a very light caramel. With any amount of sun exposure, it becomes white-blond. So white infact, I have heard Ms. R tell people that is the color of her brothers hair:His eye color, may not be unique ... but his eyes are trouble ;):My eye ... since I seemed to be having so much funny taking pictures of him:


Bultsma Family said...

Loving your blog. Seriosuly. Great photos, great stories. Makes my day...every day. Glad to be your friend!

Jenie said...

That's a pretty cool camera.