Monday, March 12, 2007


Here are the last two rooms I am going to take pictures of. The family room/dining room. If you scroll back, you can see they are located immediately off of the kitchen, which is open to both of them. We just painted this room before Christmas. I'm not personally a huge fan of green on walls, but Jerry loves it and I'd rather have it painted green than leave it the grimy light brownish/grey it was. So green it is. Eventually we've talked about putting down cherry hardwood floors - I imagine the walls will look good with it.Jerry has also talked about replacing that uuuuugly couch with a set of leather couches now the kids are past the destructive stage. Maybe I'll come back from Canada and my master bathroom floors will be done, new hardwood floors through out the house and new couches. HAHAHA, I kill me!
The dining room has tentative plans to get ceramic tiles down - the carpet is just obnoxiously gross.

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Jenie said...

I like the green! Then again I really like green, so maybe I am not the best judge.