Friday, October 31, 2008


I let the kids pick out their costumes again this year. B-Man decided to stick with last years zebra while Ms. R decided to be Gabriella from High School Musical.
We opted out of the mall crawl because it was so stinking nice. Sticking to the neighborhood was a nice break. B-Man's been battling a cold and wasn't feeling so hot before we headed out. When we asked him if he wanted to keep trick or treating or go home he choose to go home after three houses. Ms. R, however, was on a mission. She was going to FILL her bucket by golly! Not many houses were giving out candy, but even less kids were out trick or treating so her bucket was bulging by the last house.
Oh for my Canadian lovelies ... it was 22 degrees out there.


Dawn said...

It was 15 up there!!! The kids were out until 8:30 in JUST THEIR COSTUMES no extra padding and when they got back to the house Rina quickly shed the costume because she was HOT! I repeat...SO THERE=)

TinaLaRae said...

Ya So ThERE! lol

Matt & Jessica said...

Dawn pretty much said what I was going to write my kids were complaining that they were too hot also

Krista said...

lol... alright, alright! So you can all be proud of having one warm Halloween in 30 years. Congrats ;)