Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yummy In My Tummy

I went all crazy and decided to try a new Mexican place. I love Mexican food. Seriously, I consider it one of the best reasons to live this close to the border. We generally go to a franchise called On the Border because we know it's good, the have a good kids menu and it's fairly close to our house. However, as we were driving home from the fair the other night the kids and I were starving because we hadn't really ate anything at the fair (Jerry hates buying food there because it's so stinking expensive). As we passed through Irving I saw an "El Chico" sign and mentioned to Jerry I'd never ate there so he pulled off the freeway and we ventured inside.
Holy Wow. Free nachos, salsa and queso, an extensive kids menu, the service was beyond impeccable. Our drinks never got below half, our chips were also replenished before the bowl was empty, she was friendly but not intrusive ... I was beyond impressed. I am not willing to drive a little further for a totally awesome dining experience.

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Dawn said...

Maybe while I am down there we could leave the guys and kids at home and check this place out??? hmmmmmm, how far away was it?