Wednesday, October 15, 2008

*Baby Proof*

I am such a girl. I try not to say this with derision but ... I have a hard time with it. I have embraced pedicures, waxing, plucking, wearing make up on occasion, skirts, even flip flops. However, when I describe my daughter I hear myself say with some horror "she's such ... a girl" because really, I have no idea where girlie girls are coming from. I like pedicures, waxing and plucking because I personally like smooth skin not because it's a feminine thing to do, because I'm trying to fit in some group or category. I wear make up on occasion because I want to feel a little more confident. I love how airy skirts and flip flops are. But deep down, I'm a t-shirt, gym shorts and pony tail girl. So when I find myself drawn time and time to "chit lit" it confuses the inner tom boy. There it is though, another piece of chit lit I got emotionally drawn into. I felt so much for the main category, feeling her pain of wanting to live her ideal of life and wondering how much she'd have to sacrifice in order to achieve her goals. I liked this book. It wasn't heart warming or endearing ... but thoughtful and interesting. It would appeal to a certain type of gal.

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