Friday, October 3, 2008


This week the kids and I spent A LOT of time on the road between here and East Texas.
On Tuesday Jerry's grandma Erma Helsel celebrated her 85th birthday so the kids and I (Jerry was busy launching headed out to Quitman for a couple hours after school ... doing something I HATE doing - spent less time at destination than in travel time TO destination. However, it was really important to Jerry that our family be "represented" there because well ... how often do people turn 85? Erma was delighted to see us so I suppose it was well worth the trip.
With Jerry's sister in law Wenda here for the week, Wayne and Linda suggested we all go to Canton for the day. Canton, if I haven't mentioned it before, is the largest outdoor flea market in the world. No need to exagerate. It really is. It covers more than 100 acres. ONE HUNDRED acres. Holy crapola! We spent 7 hours there today and maybe got to 1/10th of the place. Ms. R, who usually had no endurance whatsoever, really sucked it up today and didn't start complaining about her feet hurting till about 5. I think it may have been because Erma had come along and kept buying her things. But that's just speculation ;) I got a set of 400 ct Egyptian cotton sheets for my California King size bed for $20. Woohoo! I also found a Christmas present for Rod -a sign that says, "It's not enough to know how to ride; You must also know how to fall." Anyone who's been up on my mom's life this year will know why this is funny ... in a sick, twisted, mean way.

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Dawn said...

lol, that sign is my favorite=) I don't suppose that flea market is open in January????