Friday, October 17, 2008

Salvage & Bulk Food Stores

I'm going to bite the "snooty" bullet in me and try out a discount food store this afternoon. I am not too sure what I'll find. Or if I'll be too creeped out by the idea of the food being "salvaged". Or if I'll be scared because of the part of town I'll be in. Or grossed out by the lighting. However, our food bill is getting out of control. Seriously. I know a lot of it is because I buy organic as much as humanly possible... but it still hurts when I look at the food bill and realize I spend more than Jenie with her family of 7. Probably only a little less than Dawn, who feeds 10 regularly. That is rather ridiculous. Not that Jerry will thank me or anything for spending less. But I'll feel better. Maybe. *Gulp* I'm still working up the nerve to go over to that part of town. Not that I think I'll be shot or anything. Mostly.
I'll pretend that it's because I don't like the thought of driving 15 minutes to go get groceries. Not because I am a snot.
Yeah, that's what I'll pretend.

Follow Up:
T.P. 7.99 reg 11.49
Soy Yogurt $4/16 reg $16
Canned Mandarine Oranges $.39 reg $.92
Canned Tuna $.68 reg $1.67
Refried Beans $.99 reg $1.89
Peanut Butter $3.99 reg $4.44
Kitty litter $4.99 reg $13.78

Those are just a few of the savings I found. You do have to look over the products, some are past the "sell by" date ... but then you have to decide how far past the sell by date you're willing to gamble. Some were just within a week. Others were a good four months out.
There were so many different kinds of food I'd like to just try out. However, I was VERY good and kept to my list (almost exactly).
Ya'll be surprised to hear that I stayed $200 under my usual amount. That may provoke the question, "Just how much do you spend on groceries?" That's for me to know and you to ponder.

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mom said...

Well how'd it go? Did ya catch anything digusting or just find good food deals??