Friday, October 17, 2008

I say

"Doll House"
They say
"Monster Truck"
This is a fundamental difference between Jerry's parents and I.
Should I explain?
While we were at Canton, Linda asked me what B-Man wanted for his birthday. I told her he'd love a doll house. She was appalled. Possibly even disgusted. She thought (as I often do) that I was teasing her. She was pretty upset when I reiterated that he really would love a doll house. Not so much the dolls ... but the house FOR SURE.
He loves playing with animals and Little People figurines as he makes up elaborate story lines ... the key figure in his play, however, is either the barn or castle he sets up first. I see nothing wrong with him loving to play with doll houses. Or dolls. I think it's simply embracing his nurturing side. It's when he puts on his sisters dresses that I worry ;)
Jerry's parents showed up out of the blue last night with his birthday present.
A monster truck.
A very loud monster truck.
Thank you, Wayne and Linda.
Thank you very much.
I think that's going to becoming a "play at grandma and grandpa's house" toy.
*wicked laugh*
Seriously, why do grandparents do that to their children?
We couldn't have been THAT BAD when we were kids to deserve those kinds of toys.
I mean ... were we?

1 comment:

mom said...

Theres nothing wrong with Brogan playing with house, barns, castles
whatever, he creates whole senarios with people animals and things they're doing. I think its very creative and I love to watch him do it. As for the Monster truck, I agree with you