Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Should Be In Bed

But what am I doing? Watching this movie.
Yes. Yes I did just post a link to an airlines promotion. Seriously though, doesn't that just make you wish you had a lot of money and were flying somewhere REALLY far away? I am about to say something that most people will find somewhat racists. So if you're going to get your panties in a bunch, move on with your day (or night, if you're an insomniac like myself) and stop reading. On Japan Airlines, do you think that their seats recline into shorter beds than say Quantas?
If someone can show me how to do that thing where you can just highlight a word and it means you can click on it and be twirled to a new website, I'd greatly appreciate that.


Mandy said...

Krista, when you are typing your post there is a little 'link' button that you can click on that will do your twirly thing. When you point your arrow at it, a little balloon should pop up that says 'link', it is in between the text color box and the alignment boxes with a funky green blob. see it? give it a try. I think it will work for you and if so, Mandy has come to the rescue again :) I am such a genius ;)

Brea said...

I think the little green link button on blogger looks like a frog. It actually puzzled me for a while, why there was a frog button up there.

Highlight your word, just like you would to put it in bold or italics. The click the not-frog button, put in the link address, and click 'ok.'

Story of why I started dating my old man coming soon to an email near you ... right after I find my way back up from all the laundry that's 'bout to drown me. Have a lovely Saturday!


Krista said...

Thanks Mandy and Brea! You two rock my known world.

gingela5 said...

Ohh I wish I could fly off somewhere beachy! And I don't know about the bed situation! I think they'd just make an average sized bed! :)