Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4th Edge

Describe a favorite childhood Christmas.
My favorite Christmas was the one that we all got tickets to Disney World. I think that we were aware that is what we were getting - but it was still awesome to see the tickets in our hands.What musical instrument do you play or wish you could play?
As per my mothers' orders, I took piano lessons. I can still sort of play it, I can read the notes ... but have no desire to play it really well. Why? Because I sure don't want to be enlisted to play in church!Tell about any pets you had as a child.
We had pet after pet. Max, Bo, Chance, Chip ... I don't know if we were bad pet owners or just had bad luck with animals.

What kind of sports did you play, watch and like? How about now?
I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and participated in track.
I liked to watch WHL games, gymnastics, college basketball, high school football.
I now do not play any sports. It's very sad.
However, I still enjoy watching hockey basketball baseball and football - especially in person. That rocks!

Did you have a childhood hide-out? Where? Describe it.
I would gather up all of my bedding and huddle up in my closet. I figured it'd be the last place my mom would look since she's claustrophobic.

What are some of your favorite smells? Why?
I love the smell of vanilla. Tide. Chlorine. Sunscreen. Safari by R.L.
Vanilla - it smells delicious
Tide - means it's clean
Chlorine - Summer!
Sunscreen - Ditto
Safari by R.L. - For some reason when I smell this on a man, my knees go weak.

What are your favorites: colors, flowers, food, activities, hobbies?
Colors - Blue, pink, purple
Flowers - Tulips
Food - chicken fajitas, sushi
Activities - Volunteering, traveling, dreaming
Hobbies - Photography, organizing, blogging

Tell about places you have worked.
Stop 'n' Go - Coaldale. I actually really like working here. The boss was super great, the gas jockeys were fun to flirt with and the play was decent.
Hard Rock Cafe -Banff. It was fun while it lasted. Interesting experiences. Worked with a variety of people from all over the UK ... and Canada.
Roots - Edmonton. I thoroughly enjoyed being in management. I however, did not enjoy the fact that being in management meant that I had to work most Sundays.
Subway - Coaldale. Finished saving for the payment on Jerry's wedding ring. I'm not sure if I liked working there or not. I don't really remember it.

Describe a favorite childhood friend and some things you did with him or her.
I'd have to say my favorite, longest standing friend is still "Daniel" Court. We acted like three year olds around each other. I have a hard time pinning down things we did with each other. Most of my memories are just based around feelings. I remember feeling happy, funny, important, amused, content when I was around him. I still do, actually.

Tell about a frustrating experience you've had with a car.
My trucks current AC needs to be replaced. It's highly irritating, you never know if it's going to be working from one day to the next. Not such a fabulous thing in Texas.

What did you do as a child that got you in the most trouble with your parents? What did they do to you?
Well, the worst thing I did (that they knew about) was skip out of doing chores to go over to a guy friends house Saturday morning with a girl friend I had sleeping over. They grounded me for the first time ever, maybe the only time. Can't really remember.

What influenced you most in your choice of a spouse?
Well, h*#$. Honestly? *sigh* At the time, he made me laugh. He had a steady, well paying company. He lived in an "exotic" location.
I'm just trying to be honest here ...

Describe the perfect autumn day. What would you do on that day?
Perfect autumn days are plentiful around here. It's "cooling down" to the 70's (20's), the days are getting shorter and the planned county activities are plentiful. The perfect day includes the kids and I grabbing breakfast, heading off to a local fall festival, playing lost of fun games, going on a hay ride, eating fire roasted marshmallows, then finally heading home with the kids TIRED and ready for bed.

Did you and your father share an interest? Tell about your relationship.
My dad and I both enjoy(ed) cars. We loved washing them, test driving them, talking them ...
I also accompanied him when he would ref basketball in the fall/winter. It was a nice time to enjoy one on one time with him.
Our relationship was easy. I think that is because he wasn't really involved with the ins and outs of what was really going on in my life. He knew about the surface and I didn't trouble him and further.

What would you like to be remembered for?
I would like it to be said that I was a great mother ... a dedicated friend and a decent wife ;)

Were you responsible for any household chores? What were they? Which ones did you most enjoy? Least enjoy?
My mom divided all the household chores into groups. Then divided them amongst the three of us kids. The duties rotated. I can't remember if they rotated every week or day ... but a definite rotation system. I enjoyed ... ahhh ... mowing the lawn, because I got paid for that. I hated cleaning the stairs the most. All those levels and corners *shutters*

Thinking back, was there a teacher(s) or class that had a great influence on you?
For the negative - that would be Mr. Holstein at R.I. Baker. Before him - I loved math. Thought I was pretty decent at it. He was somehow able to completely kill that love in grade 9.
Mrs. Dyck English 10, 20, 30 at Kate Andrews. She was passionate, intense, brutal and fabulous.

Tell about dreams, expectations and hopes you have for each of your children.
Ms. R ... all I can dream for her is to be happy. To know she is worth so much more than she can imagine. I expect her to be a good person. To try to make her life and other peoples lives better. I hope she fosters her gentle spirit and embraces her strengths and builds on her weaknesses till they are also strengths. I hope she knows she's more than the man she winds up with.
B-Man ... I dream so much for him. For him to learn to communicate. To learn how to assimilate into his environments. I no longer expect him to be outgoing and well liked ... I just hope he finds one good friend. I hope he becomes a well learned, capable man who appreciates all he can do. Exceeds expectations and breaks barriers.

What do you remember about yourself as a teen-ager? What was important to you?
It all depends on what part of my teenage years you speak of. When I was in Jr. High I was outgoing, confident, influential. Making the school sports teams, maintaining decent grades and spending time with my friends was all that was really important to you.
High School ... I was down trodden, fearful, painfully out cast. The most important thing to me was trying not to be noticed. Hoping if they didn't notice me ... they'd just leave me alone.

What did your father do for a living? He was a millwright/welder unto he got tendinitis in his elbows. Then he gave that up and opened a Subway Restaurant in Raymond, AB.
How did he get to work? He always drove a car ... well, for a while, he owned a Honda GoldWing. But that was a very short while.
What time did he go and get home? From what I remember, while he was working at Lethbridge Industries he went to work at 8 and got him around 5. Subways hours are more flexible. Since he's the owner and all.
Did he take a lunch? Until Subway, he always took left overs from supper for lunch. I remember mom packing it up for him after supper every night.
Who did he work with? No one he wanted to be friends with.
Did he get special training from anyone or schooling? He went to some kind of ... something or other for the millwright. I can't remember exactly what.
For Subway, he had to go over to CT for training before he was allowed to open his store.

Do you have a special school memory from high school?
I remember eating lunch and waiting to be picked up after school with Mark French. He pretty much saved my sanity at LCI.

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