Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Fair"ly Traditional

Macromedia isn't working on my computer at the moment ... so you get them one by one and not in a slide ... sorry!
The Texas Star Ferris wheel (at 212ft it's the largest in N. America) ... B-Man calls it the Wagon Wheel
View of Dallas skyline from top of Texas Star
Cotton Bowl. It was the Red River Shoot Out today. Texas won... Hook 'em Horns!

B-Man feeding a baby giraffe

Seriously, how cute is that mug?

I couldn't hold Ms. R up so she could fee it and get a picture of the camel ... so you get a pic of just the camel. Sorry?

These are "Numerenian Princesses" just ask B-Man ...
Ms. R requested a cob of corn, then realized she had to gum it because ...

She's missing three teeth on top and two on the bottom - right in the middle! I laughed myself silly when I realized what her problem was.

She almost got to the top! I was so proud of her!

She thought sliding down the wall was great
Once he figured out the cable was a bungee, he forgot all about climbing and used it like a Jolly Jumper
Mighty girl ... dadadada! Well ... at least she was able to pick it up ;)
He whacked it hard enough to make the half way marker ... both got a pink pig for their efforts
Watching TV on her dads phone while we waited for supper. Possibly her favorite part of the day.


The Bui's said...

kids! can't do without technology for two seconds. Love the pics. Especially the belly dancers. VA VA VOOM!

Dawn said...

How fun!! Why didn't Jerry take the camel pic?? =)

Krista said...

Being the mom, I'm the only one who thinks of taking pictures...he had already wandered off somewhere else with Brogan.

mom said...

ok how far behind am I, where is this very fun looking place? It all looks like a very entertaining day.

Krista said...

Mom "Fair" ... as in the state fair ... you know, the Annual October Tradition ... you've done it ...