Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's Something to Chew on

One of the bloggers I follow (who I shared friends with in high school and also married an American) posted this today, "Life is about opportunities not entitlements." That simple statement really opened up a flood gate into my inner thoughts the last few days.
Ever since getting all riled up about not having access to funds when I "want" it, considering taking a job next year, thinking about the pros and cons ... Then I watched a video that one of Jerry's clients companies put together recently.
I have been a staunch supporter of this particular company for almost as long as it's been a concept. I won't post the name because I do not want to get slapped around for what I am going to say later about the video they produced. This company's concept is, to me, genius. It's all about woman power, networking, building relationships, building up other women in the business community. It's about empowering women. Helping them achieve more than they could alone in the business community. Like I said, I love this company.
However, Jerry gave me a movie they recently produce for distribution and asked me to watch it and give him my perception of it. I was all jacked up about doing it because I love what this company does. The disappointment I felt as I watched it was almost devastating. On one hand, I could appreciate the "look what these women have over come to become" message. On the other hand I felt like, as someone who has decided to be a stay at home mom, I was being slapped in the face. The prevailing message was if you're not out there doing something you're not living your full potential. "Mommy Guilt" for working a full time job to achieve something that is that much more important? Eh. It's to be expected, embraced and moved on.
I can understand it from one point of view, all but one of the women they featured are divorcee's, cancer survivors, poverty line. They had these huge obstacles to overcome. Good for them. It's great that they were able to go out there, support themselves and their families, overcome sicknesses, rise up from poverty and abuse.
But don't portray women who decide that right now, our greatest achievement/pride/joy is our children, who think that being intimately involved in our children's school, activities and lives is a great feat ... don't portray us as the ones who are giving up our dreams. My dreams, right now, are my children. My greatest achievement is knowing that my daughter is proud of her mom, knowing that the involvement in B-Man's education is making a difference.
I am not entitled to be a stay at home mom. It isn't my god given right because I gave birth to them. It's a special opportunity that Jerry provides for us, because he knows this is what is important to me.
It's an opportunity I hope I don't waste because I feel entitled to be the person my kids count on, cry on, love on.
Cause I gave birth to them.
They'd better ;)


Roeckers said...

Right on girl!!

Dawn said...

You tell'em sister!

mom said...

I couldn't agree more. The most important job, responsiblitiy,and privilge you have is to raise well adjusted, happy, caring kids. And you're doing a super job!!