Saturday, October 25, 2008

Moon Dance

Tonight was the Annual Moon Dance at Ms. R's school. It's a 2 hour event with miniature pumpkin decorating,Ms. R and a friend from class
spray on tats, refreshments/drinks, a couple silly contests for the kids, dancingwhat IS that look on his face?
and a silent auction ... but somehow the kids always seem to wrangle an unmitigated amount of fun out of it. I won three things this year (Jerry sent me with a blank check, I did my solemn best not to spoil that trust and go CRAZY like I was REALLY tempted to do.) Things I won and cost to me:
$20 - Two tickets to a Legends of Country concert. Funny things (1)I looked it up online and I paid more for the tickets than they are worth. Only $6 more. But still. More. (2) I haven't heard of any of the people performing. Oh well, all the money goes directly to the PTA ... so whatever. Maybe I'll offer them to one of Jerry's partners who I know loves country music. Maybe he'll have heard of some of the musicians.
$30 - Two certificates for a children's consult/x-ray worth $200 Niiiiice!
$10 - Lunch with Ms. R's teacher. I really didn't want this one, I mean I see her every day as it is. But when I walked by the page with 5 minutes left and NO BIDS on it ... I felt rather bad for her.
I didn't bid on any of the baskets put together by the individual classrooms. Though you get a lot for your money(some of the baskets goods were worth more than $500), I don't really like buying a package deal knowing there are things in the package I'm just going to be packing up and sending on to Sally Ann.
Ms. R had a splendid time. I saw her for maybe 2.8 seconds while she and her troupe decorated their pumpkins. And that was by chance.
I love that she has friends this year. I love that when the class pairs off for activities it's not Ms. R standing to the side pretending she doesn't care and WANTS to play a pairs game by herself. I love that we can't leave the classroom at the end of the day without half the class needing to give her a hug before we exit. But most of all, I love that she is loyal. Even though she has all these new, exciting, inviting friends she always seeks out her Spanish girl friends from last year at recess; pulls them along and into the games her new friends have invited her to play. It's a beautiful thing to see.


Brea said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! We'll be decorating our pumpkins later this week.

Love Sweet Boy's cowboy boots!! What a good little Texas lad. :)


Dawn said...

Hey! Rhys has those same boots! Wierd;). They look like they had a great time, have fun on your lunch date=)