Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's Interesting

I mentioned a site Jerry's company launched the other day (or week or month. Time is so relative) ...
Let me clarify what "launch" means in reference to Jerry's company:
A group of people or company come to Jerry as the something or other (maybe president maybe CTO maybe captain dancing monkey) of his company and ask him if his guys can write the code (the stuff that makes website work. Not the part you see, but the part that makes it possible to do anything there) for a website for them. Depending on the amount of guys he has available, how much he personally believes in the project, how much money they will make or have to invest, how long the project will last, the continuance of services rendered, ect He makes a decision on whether the company will attempt to give the customer what they desire.
A launch date is always projected, worked towards and finally causes mass hysteria as it draws near. No matter how ready the guys are. There is always mass hysteria. It's an interesting phenomenon to watch in a bunch of 30-40 something men. I don't think it's that they lack confidence in what they are doing or their ability to kick a$$ and take names in the web programming world ... it's just an anxious time. Knowing that 1000's possibly 10's of 1000's or 100's of 1000's or if you're really lucky and cleaver millions of people are going to view what you have built up from random (to the untrained eye such as mine) strains of code.
I cannot say how many projects Jerry's companies have built up over the last 8 years. How many sleepless nights he has devoted. How many hours he's been in conference calls. How many swear words he's uttered. How utterly defeated he has seemed. How much hair he's lost. (haha, okay, I just had to throw that in there to lighten things up)
Then came along his latest project. A project that had become so big, so well known, so stable in the last month that Jerry (the pessimist) has started talking about the future. Infact, this evening he was *shock* even sounding optimistic.
The website has generated such buzz that my blog gets 30 hits a day, on that entry alone. And my blog is by no means on the top of the Google search engine list.
You know what this means? What it would mean if this project kept on this path?
My electric, water and gas will never be turned off again from lack of payment!


gingela5 said...

Oh that would be awesome! How exciting is that?! Good luck to both of you! Hope it gets HUGE!

Lindsey Rae said...

Good luck to you all, Krista. I hope everything works out for you!

mom said...

I'm not sure I understand most of that but I hope everything works out great.