Sunday, October 5, 2008

Southern Vampire Series

Sooo ... a small confession. My sister (darn you, anyway!) has got me hooked on the "supernatural". Most of which, I can pass off as not completely possible. Yeah, I think my problem is that I have a vivid imagination and even very far fetching things, in my mind, are at least a little bit feasible.
After watching the first episode of "True Blood" on HBO a few weeks ago, I was interested in the book series it was based on. So I looked up Charlaine Harris and much to my delight and amazement - she has a series of 8 books that HBO is very loosely basing "True Blood" on. I quickly went to our library's online catalog and requested the entire series. I have read all but 1 in the last few weeks. Good, good books. It's hard not to love and sympathize with Sookie Stackhouse - the "heroine". It's difficult not to wonder what's going to happen next and itch to read the next book. While you're totally fine NOT reading the entire series ... your brain accepts the stories easier if you have read the previous books.


Becka. said...

I just requested these. Thanks for the info! I'm always on the lookout for a good book...and a series is always a plus because it keeps me busy a litle bit longer!!! I find myself reading almost all of your recommendations. Keep 'em coming! Thanks!

Dawn said...

Bwahahahahah...welcome to the darkside=) I have lots more authors for you to check out in ya wanna=)

Gary said...

I was channel surfing in my hotel room and saw this show on the guide. I flipped over to the channel, just in time for Anna Paquin's first ever nude sex scene. I'll never be able to watch X-Men the same way again.