Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yeah, alright, I'll join the 5 train ...

My 5 Favorite Blogs
1. Pioneer Woman
2. Fancy Nancy Pants
3. This is Reverb
4. 301NIB
5. Monger's

My 5 Favorite Places

1. In a warm, comfy bed with no small feet/elbows/knees digging into me
2. On the beach, lounging with a book and camera
3. Sitting around the table playing games with my siblings and their spouses
4. Out at a fun place with my kids.
5. Sitting by a campfire with good friends

My 5 Favorite Things To Cook
1. Fajita's
2. Muffins
3. Chicken in the Nu-wave
4. Pancakes
5. Eggs/Bagel/Cheese/Bacon

5 Websites I Visit Every Day
2. NRH Public Library
3. Facebook
4. gmail
5. hotmail

5 Things I Want to do in the Next 5 Years
1. Make some "every day" friends in Texas
2. Start camping with my kids regularly
3. Get a new car
4. Go on a fabulous vacation
5. Replace the carpet in this house

1 comment:

Brea said...

Yeah! 5's lists rule!! :)

Most tents can be set up by one adult. It can be a help to have an extra hand, but it's not necessary. My older two (5 and 6) love sleeping outside at night, and are always horribly disappointed when I won't let the 2-year-old stay out there with them.

Thank you so much for leaving the sweet comments. I wish I was a tad closer to Dallas (it's only a 4 hour drive form here!), because after skimming through a few of your archives, I want to buy you a drink. And buy me a drink. And be BFFs. And go out and wear cute heels. And completely annoy the bartender with 'we're stay at home moms and we never get to get out' kind of talk by the end of the night. Just think of all the good times we're missing out on. Shucks. And to think you're from Canada. You seem so ... I dunno ... cool. I didn't know there were cool people from Canada!

(Ok, and now I'm really hoping you picked up on that sarcasm, because if not, you're going to think I'm a total beeyotch!)

(Which I'm not. I'm actually a very nice little Texas gal who had coffee too late in the afternoon and can't stop her fingers from typing.)

(Sorry about that.)