Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Scrabble Mania

Church is always an interesting experience. Between the conversations I have with Ms. R, the people I see, the antics B-Man pulls ... Never a dull moment.
During the 10 minute car ride to the church Ms. R kept quizzing me on if we go to the same church as Grandma and Grandpa Crabb, why are they not IN our church. How can they be in our church but not AT our church. It's tough to explain to a four year old how they are learning the same thing, just in a different place. Didn't quite understand the concept. It started up again in sacrament because our chapels are quite similar. "Is Grandma going to be HERE?" *sigh*
There are many women in our ward who have a toddler who is too young to be in nursery and heavily pregnant with another baby. Painful memories assail me as I watch these poor ladies in R.S. struggle with their little hellions (wait, I mean angels of course). Most Sundays I find myself feeling sorry for at least one of them and find myself walking out in the halls with someone else's wayward baby so the mother can get a few minutes of the lesson. Today was another one of those days. I should be careful, I'll get the reputation for a soft heart.
B-Man is in a Sunbeam with seven 3 year olds in the class, 2 of which are boys. They are a handful to say the least. The boys, not the whole class. The primary presidency had the forethought to put a young couple in charge of the class. One of them to restrain, I mean tenderly hold, one of the boys. The other to teach the class. Today as I was wandering the halls with a random baby I saw his class file out into the hallway to await joining the Sr. primary. What I saw melted my mean little heart. B-Man was cuddled up in his guy teachers' arms. The guy didn't even seem awkward about holding him either.
This evening one of my best friends, Pat, and I had another batch of our insane Scrabble games. Seriously, we're deathly competitive and she insists on playing till she wins at least one game. Every once in a while she'll surprise me and come out with a big # word, but more often than not the high score is left up to me. So there have been times we've been playing for HOURS. I have never intentionally let her win. Really, I haven't.

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