Sunday, February 18, 2007

No Digital Camera

Means that even though I take pictures everywhere, I can't post them until a week after the event has happened or try really hard to finish a roll in one day. Even I have a hard time doing that - with only two subjects to capture. And I've discovered I really hate posting an entry without pictures. Makes it kind of boring.
Anywho ...
Yesterday the kids and I went to the gym for a couple of hours in the morning. I am never a fan of my gym in January - because everyone that has made getting fit a New Years resolution is there, cluttering up the space. I go to a HUGE two level facility, you'd think this hard to achieve, but no. Stuffed to the gills on Saturday mornings. However, I had plans for the afternoon - so morning at the gym it was. Ms. R and B-Man absolutely LOVE the kids play area at the gym, as soon as they are out of the truck, they are running towards the doors. With computers, a junior sports court, a play maze 3x's the size of McDonalds, coloring, books, large screen tv ... who could blame them? What they offer for the adults isn't bad either :)
After lunch we headed over to the Fort Worth Convention Center for the new car show. I now have two cars that I think I'd like to trade my truck in for. Realistic cars, not pie in the sky cars that I know I'll never be able to afford. One is the Mazda 5 the other a Kia Rhondo. Both would be considered station wagons. Third row seating that you can fold down completely flat, leather seating, comfortable seats, built in DVD players - and cute as can be. I think as a "Happy Birthday to Me", I'm going to go test drive both of these puppies on Tuesday.