Monday, February 19, 2007


So here is how I see it: If you own a larger breed of dog you are obligated to also own a yard with a stable fence. By stable I mean if you go out and kick the lower portion of your fence, it doesn't budge. Twice now in the past month I have found random neighbors dog wandering my street after they'd broke through thier owners rickety fence. One a dark haired dog that I almost ran down. The next a white pit bull that was anxious to play with anyone (if I'd not been familiar with pit bulls, I may have taken it as an attack and started swinging any hard large object at hand.)Both times I guided the dog into my back yard, read the tags, called the owners, fed and provided shelter for the animals till the owners saw fit to get home and collect thier dog. That, however, is beside the point. The point is, dear reader - that neglegant pet owners deserve to ... I am not sure what a fit punishment would be. Maybe put out in the street with only thier t-shirts and shorts for the night, only garbage cans to scavange through for food. Various, nervous people throwing objects at you to make you get away from them.Grrr. Stupid people. Fix your fences.

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