Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday School

Yesterday, I subbed for the 10-11 year old teacher, she's a flight attendant and often out of town. I LOVE this age. They respond well to bribery (a LARGE bag of starkist has them all VERY willing to answer questions), they have interesting questions that have nothing to do with the lesson, you don't have to continually ask them to sit back down, you don't have to bring crayons to keep them entertained.
Yesterdays lesson was on Jesus forty day fast and Satan's temptations afterward. None of the kids had heard of this story before. Or at least none of them would admit to it. We had an interesting conversation about what tempts them the most (not surprisingly lying and fighting with their family are the hardest things for all of them to resist) and it brought about questions from them about what I had a hard time resisting when I was a kid, if I liked being an adult, the consequences of making wrong choices when temptations are presented ... It was a really stimulating conversation.
During sharing time the topic was the celestial glories. A child whose family doesn't come that often actually came up with the most probing (if you and your family are in the same kingdom - but not the celestial one - can you see them?) and sometimes heart breaking questions (can you still get into the top kingdom if you miss church a time .... or two?). Kids don't just say the "darndest" things, they say the sweetest.

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