Monday, February 19, 2007

Manic Monday

I have a small confession to make ... I have less than perfect hearing. This situation often has me hearing things differently (or not at all) than they may have been spoken/sang. Today as I was listening to the radio the song "Manic Monday" came on. I was jammin' away to it (I'm not ashamed of it either) singing my heart out "just another man ain't Monday, wish it were Sunday ..."then I started thinking. "Why is she dating a bunch of guys with day of the week names? Is that how she keeps them straight? Jimmy on Monday, Tommy on Tuesday, Frank on Wednesday and so on? That's an odd song." I have heard this song several times in my lifetime. Always singing along with "Just another man ain't Monday" So after contemplating this song, wondering what is up with this woman and her quirks the radio announcer comes back on and says, "And that was Manic Monday and how's yours going?" Haha. "MANIC" not "man ain't". Boy, glad I never sang along to it when others were around, that would have been rather embarrassing. Or maybe I have. However, that did get me to thinking, how many other songs have I misheard and been singing along to like a lark - with the wrong words? It's very likely all of them and the people that hear me screeching along just think I am trying to be funny by changing the words. Rather like something I'd do, actually. Funny that no one has asked me about it though. A little consternatious.

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