Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great Day!

Thanks to one and all for wishing me a Happy Birthday yesterday - you really helped make the day just that much more AWESOME!
I am not sure there was anything about yesterday that didn't completely ROCK! I got a great night sleep, woke up feeling refreshed (a rare thing), spent the morning hanging out with my kids, went to lunch with 4 girlfriends and spent two hours laughing and learning more about each of them, Pat then took me shopping and got me the perfect white collared shirt, spent the afternoon outside with B-Man (27 degrees Celsius), jumping on the trampoline/drawing with chalk/at the park, picked up Ms. R, stopped by and Jerry bought me my birthday present - a new DIGITAL CAMERA (YIPEE!), went to supper at a sushi restaurant, then to McDonalds so the kids could have something to eat (haha), went to The Marble Slab (as promised) and I got cheesecake ice cream with a raspberry mixin (yummy!), as I was putting the kids to bed Ms. R sweetly said, "Happy birthday, mommy, I love you." (everyone together "awwwww") ... What a perfect day!

Jerry and I had a funny conversation as we were driving to supper. Talking about presents and why we like certain days, he was teasing about why I really like Christmas best. My reply was "Oh no, I like my birthday the best - cause it's all about me ..." Hahaha, I am so bad! He looked over at me like, "Did you really just say that?" I just started laughing. Honesty sometimes isn't very pretty.
After we take Ms. R to school today, I am going to take B-Man to the zoo and figure out how to use my new camera. I'll post pictures this evening ... we'll see how it goes!

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