Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Few Things ...

I love about living in Texas:

I'm only a few hours away from the beach.

The crazy things you find at our State Parks. --> Dog carved out of rock in a cavern.

All the professional, college and Jr, League sports teams in the area. I LOVE watching sports in person!

The legendary State Fair, held here in Dallas. It's become a family tradition. We've weathered rain, heat well over 100 degrees and one of the coldest days of the year just to attend. It's always worth it.

I LOVE the big city. I love the convenience, the availability, the activities, the hustle and bustle.

How much fun is it to have a Six Flags amusement park AND waterpark within 1/2 hour?
The array of different types of wild life here is pretty crazy. Armadillos, Cardinals (they are even more red than you'd think), geckos, hummingbirds, pelicans, tortoises, alligators, dolphins, rats (haha, so maybe they really shouldn't be considered wildlife) ...

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