Monday, February 12, 2007

On the Road Again

For those of you who know me, know I spent a few weeks "road tripping" with my kids this summer. Family reunion in Utah and Mom's wedding in Montana. It wasn't such a bad experience, even when I picked up an extra kid (Michael's oldest) for the trek home. The kids were little troupers. I hadn't actually planned on another lengthy road trip with my kids any time soon; not because they travel bad, not at all. But because it wears me out.

However, after further inspection of the situation - it turns out that I am not able to get a passport in the United States because I refused to give up my Canadian citizenship and only have "permanent resident" status. You apparently only get to have a passport from the country your citizenship is in. Bah humbug!

So at the beginning of March, I am heading to Winnipeg, MB with B-Man in tow. Ms. R's preschool has extended hours, so Jerry feels confident in being able to watch her the 1 1/2 between school shut down hours and bedtime. It shouldn't be that bad ... right? I mean, 21 hours isn't terrible. Oy. Who am I kidding? My bum already hurts at the thought of it.

Has anyone looked at the weather report in Winnipeg lately? It's close to -30! That's freeze your digits off cold!

How many movies can a child watch in 20 hours? How many snacks to you bring? How often should I stop for breathers? This is part of the trip I detest. Wondering, not knowing ... Bah humbug again.

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