Saturday, February 10, 2007

Getting Started

One of my cousins' wives gave me the idea of posting a blog as a way of not only keeping in contact with my family/friends, but also a good way to keep a journal. I like the whole 2 in 1 idea. So here I am - starting my first blog.

Ms. R turned 4 back in June. She has an incredible imagination, loves going to preschool, making up words to songs, wiggling her hips along to music and making friends. Listening to her play with her dolls - one of which is ALWAYS a mom is sometimes funny, sometimes "cringe worthy". This morning I was listening to her play and heard her say in her mommy voice, "You do not talk to me like that! You go to your room!" Uhhh, okay. Maybe I've said that a few times. She's entered into the precocious "I'm SO cool" stage. Giving me lip every once in a while. Not so much good. Generally, she's a really
sweet little girl though.

B-Man turned 3 in September. He loves playing with his plastic animals - but is scared to death of the real thing, he loves to cuddle, if there is a surface in our house he hasn't climbed to the top of - I'm unaware of it. At least he hasn't jumped off the top of the fridge yet. He's kind of a bully with other kids and we're trying to work on that ... but he's a stubborn little cuss. He has a smile that melts me and helps overcome the fact that he's constantly in trouble.

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