Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not so Bad

Generally, since the beginning of Krista time, I have hated Valentines Day. Always been about anticipation, disappointment and discouragment.
However, I now have a daughter who rejoyces in ALL special occasions. I'm pretty sure, if there was decorations for Presidents Day, she'd insist we needed some.
Last night B-Man, Ms. R and I made up a couple dozen cupcakes for her preschool class V-day party today. This morning we woke up early to ice and decorate the cupcakes. My kids can make the easiest task silly. Ms. R put the sprinkles on one at a time and B-Man ate more cupcakes then he decorated. It was a lot of fun.
After dropping Ms. R off at school I called my good friend Pat and asked her if she wanted to be my Valentine and eat lunch with me. Gave her a good laugh. So Pat, B-Man and I shared lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Well, Pat and I ate - B-Man climbed all over the booth as he nibbled on his pizza from time to time.
We then headed back to Ms. R's school to share in her Valentines Day party. She has some pretty cute little friends in her class.

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Bultsma Family said...

Love it! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day. It's always been my favorite. Becks is totally fine, get it all the time. And you'd be suprised how far a good breakfast dessert can get you in a morning! Love reading your blog, can't wait to see you!