Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Special Thanks

To my mom, Rod and Dawn for putting up with the craziness that has ensued thanks to the new stupid American passport laws. Dawn, you've gone above and beyond what anyone could have asked you to do. Rod, your offer to fly me up to Great Falls, then to borrow me a car to drive up to Calgary was very generous and thoughtful. Mom, thanks for listening to me as I tried to figure out every and all possible ways that I could logically get this done without spending a disgusting amount of money AND spending more time traveling with B-Man.
Last but not least - thank you Dorothy Campbell, here at the Dallas Canadian Consulate. She was able to dig into it for me and set my mind at ease. I can fly INTO Canada with the identification I already have and just get a passport when I up there in April. Which is what I had been thinking in the back of my mind all along - but kept getting conflicting reports on what I could and could not do.
Looking forward to NOT driving/flying up to Canada twice with B-Man. Yay!

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