Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Want Pictures?

Oh, I got pictures for ya! The first two are from a newly opened Japanese steakhouse in North Richland Hills. Jerry has been there a few times for lunch, always enjoyed the food and service - thought we'd introduce our kids to a new experience.
Well ... it was a really nice thought, Apparently between lunch and supper the service goes down hill HUGELY. We waited almost an hour for the chef to come cook at our table. You'll notice by B-man's curled fingers that he's at the "freaking out" point of being uncomfortable and the thin lipped smile on Ms. R's face? That says, I'm scared right now - but trying to put on a brave face. If you've never ate at a Japanese restaurant - here's the skinny:
They seat you around a flat surfaced grill on which a chef comes and cooks your food for you. They generally put on a good show. Swishing knives, tossing egg shells, catching random food bits in their pockets/hat tops. The "wow" feature is when they build an onion volcano, fill it will oil and light it on fire. My kids ... well, they thought this happened a little too close and a little too hot for their comfort. To top it off, after waiting more than an hour to eat, the kids HATED the teriyaki chicken.
Oh and if they took a picture of me while eating my sushi, I would have been frowning. A lot. It was gross. They used the wrong kind of rice, the cucumber over powered the rest of the roll ...
Live and you learn. It was a great idea, but in practice ... not so much good.

My Birthday lunch. The place gave my kids these plastic pincher things that made it possible for the boy to use chop sticks ... he thought it was pretty darn fun.

This is Toyota's "Robot" Hank at the Dallas Auto Show. The kids thought he was more interesting than anything else there. Well besides the convertibles. B-man definitely loved him some convertibles.
They had the "robot" wired up so he could "see" and "hear" the kids and answer all their questions, "dance" and generally entertain them.
She kept a firm grip on her brother at first. Not because he was going to run away - but because SHE was a little scared. (please ignore the cowboy boots)
He was a little wary of the robot at first. But then we couldn't tear him away!
While he liked the convertible mini more ... he'd be willing to take this one home, too.
Yep, my kids are hams.


Jenie said...

Love the boots!

mom said...

yes your kids are hams but it looks like a great time

Dawn said...

Where are R's barbie pink cowgirl boots!?!?!? Big meanie.