Monday, February 23, 2009

Krista Needs

Thanks, Nancy. I loved this one!
Type "Krista needs" into google search ( of course use your own name) and then write down the first ten responses that appear (that aren't from someone else's blog)

Krista needs ... the support of a family (no doubt!)

Krista needs ... to bite some chumps. (If you insist.)

Krista needs ... attachment therapy (ahhh ... ohhh. I didn't think I was THAT bad!)

Krista needs ... Salvation (haha, bible thumpers rock the world!)

Krista needs ... someone to Rely on (AMEN!)

Krista needs ... to have someone tell her to straighten her act out (I actually have people waiting in line to do that)

Krista needs ... to practice her wise-girl accent with someone (couldn't hurt)

Krista needs ... to read and follow with her finger (I get tired sometimes, okay!)

Krista needs ... a stronger self-esteem (well. I got nothin' for this one.)

Krista needs ... the make-up seminar (true. Very true.)


Jenie said...

That's kind of fun.

The Bui's said...

Love it! yours came up with some good ones. By the way. Sorry about your birthday. I thought about you the entire week, and the day of your B-day, all three of my kids woke up with fevers and chest coughs, kind of got distracted and didn't call or write you. What a flakey friend. Hope you forgive me.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because my name is Krista, and I came across this blog when I played this very game and my ninth phrase that showed up was "Type "Krista needs" into google search (of course use your own name) and then..."

I was like...that is my name. This is spooky.